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  • The all-new Ford Focus is engineered to surpass tellurian reserve standards
  • Focus contains some-more modernized high-strength steel than any prior Ford some-more than 55 percent of a structure is done from high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels
  • The all-new Focus facilities a singular tailor rolled B-pillar pattern with sundry density for augmenting strength

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 24, 2011 The new Ford Focus has an unusually strong, unbending and light steel physique structure that has been engineered to surpass tellurian reserve standards.

This physique structure, that has been rigorously designed regulating state-of-the-art mechanism make-believe tools, creates use of modernized high-strength steels and innovative phony techniques to minimize physique weight while delivering extended pile-up performance, softened car dynamics and aloft refinement.

The new Focus uses some-more high-strength steels than any prior Ford, pronounced Jim Hughes, arch nameplate engineer. These modernized materials assistance us cut fuel expenditure by shortening weight, while still improving a strength and acerbity we need for car reserve and dynamics. Innovations like a tailor rolled B-pillar pattern have enabled us to lift a strength and potency of a structure to a new level.

High-strength steels raise constructional performance
Advanced high-strength steels are used extensively in a all-new Focus physique structure. High-strength steels make adult some-more than 55 percent of a physique shell, and some-more than 26 percent of a vehicles structure is shaped from ultra-high-strength and boron steels significantly some-more than any other Ford product.

On average, a produce strength of a steel in a physique is 47 percent aloft than a stream European Focus. The constructional firmness of a physique bombard is also reflected in a torsional acerbity as a new four-door Focus is 30 percent stiffer than a 2011 North American model.

To serve raise dynamics and refinement, engineers have put special importance on augmenting a internal acerbity of a structure during a cessation ascent points. In these areas, a physique acerbity has augmenting by as most as 75 percent.

Innovative B-pillar pattern increases strength, cuts weight
The modernized pattern of a new Focus physique structure can be illustrated by a B-pillar reinforcement, a pivotal constructional partial that is done from ultra-high-strength boron steel that has been constructed regulating an innovative tailor rolling process.

The routine allows a density of a steel piece to be sundry along a length, so a member has augmenting strength in a areas that are subjected to a biggest loads.

The tailor rolled B-pillar in a new Focus has 8 opposite sign thicknesses to urge side- impact pile-up performance, while saving some-more than 3 pounds per vehicle.

Improved reserve structure
Other pivotal pattern facilities on a new Ford Focus physique structure include:

  • Ultra-high-strength boron steel used in a A-pillars, B-pillars, rocker panels and doorway bolster beams to assistance emanate a newcomer dungeon that manages deformation in a pile-up including frontal, side and side pole
  • Integrated doorway opening bolster ring and doorway bucket paths constructed from high- strength steel to conflict side penetration and say constructional integrity
  • High-strength steel front pile-up structure to well conduct high pile-up army and say good vanquish behavior, transferring loads in a tranquil approach to a physique side structure around 3 bucket paths in a A-pillar, a rockers and a doorway sill rails
  • Very high-strength dual-phase steel used in front pile-up structure, middle rocker panels and building crossmembers for augmenting crash-energy absorption, and to conduct a deformation of a newcomer cell
  • Front framework subframe that is designed to decouple from a reduce physique connection indicate during a frontal pile-up event. By shortening a loading, this law decoupling complement reduces deformation in a first-row footwell area


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