Live from Geneva 2013: Five Audi World Premieres during a 83rd International Motor Show

Posted on 28. Feb, 2013 by in Audi Canada

You’ll be means to follow both Audi press conferences live on Mar 5 on several channels. Audi MediaServices will be charity mobile and stretchable entrance to a live delivery and provision extensive credentials information.

The live tide will be accessible during In addition, we also have a probability of integrating a eventuality onto your Website as a live stream. TV stations can record a press discussion around downlink (satellite coordinates in document).

Should we need internal technical support in Geneva for your TV, Web TV or radio productions, greatfully hit Audi Communications in good time.

TV footage will be accessible during There you’ll also find serve information as good as photos and a Web video on a Audi Press Conference.

If interested, greatfully hit Florian Otto, Audi TV Communications (, Tel: +49 841 89-47562).

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