Live on Audi MediaTV: a Audi Cup from a Allianz Arena

Posted on 29. Jul, 2013 by in Audi Canada

Audi MediaTV will be live during a Audi Cup and, in further to a final, will also be broadcasting a press discussion with a trainers of a participating teams live on:

Tuesday, Jul 30, 2013,
at 3.30 p.m. CEST

At a Audi Cup itself, German Champions and Champions League winners FC Bayern Munich will horde a teams Manchester City, AC Milan and São Paulo FC during a Allianz Arena in Munich.

Audi Communications will promote a Audi Cup press discussion on several channels: Audi MediaTV will promote it in English ( and is charity a choice of incorporating a live tide into other websites as well. The press discussion in German can be accessed on a Audi Communications Facebook page at: This live tide can also be incorporated around hide code. Audi MediaTV will promote a recording of the final of a Audi Cup 2013 in a entirety starting during 12.01 a.m. CEST on Friday, Aug 2.

Film element can be accessed at: There, Audi will yield additional information, photos and a web video. An overview of all calm is supposing in a Audi Newsroom at: Audi Communications can yield on-site technical assistance with TV, web TV and radio productions. Please hit Frank Erik Horlbeck during TV Communications if we are meddlesome or have any questions.

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