Looking for a essential hundredth of a second: BMW breeze hovel provides skeleton athletes with profitable feedback on a element and roving position.

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  • Aerodynamics are a pivotal to success: In a BMW Group’s wind
    tunnel, a skeleton athletes finish final preparations for a Olympics.
  • Technology partner BMW enables a BSD athletes to optimise
    sporting equipment, racing rigging and a roving position.


Munich. When a skeleton athletes dive conduct initial into the
ice channel, it does not usually make for fantastic photos; a lying
position with a conduct initial is also an aerodynamic challenge. The
German Bobsleigh and Luge Sports Federation (BSD) uses a BMW
Group’s state-of-the-art breeze hovel to optimise a element and
a roving position, and to potentially get a essential split
seconds forward of a Olympics season.

Last weekend, universe champion Jacqueline Lölling, 2015/16 overall
universe crater leader Tina Hermann and a German inhabitant skeleton coach
Jens Müller paid another revisit to a BMW Group’s aerodynamic test
centre. It was an critical appointment in perspective of a Olympic Games
in Pyeongchang (KOR) in Feb 2018, given a breeze hovel of
record partner BMW plays a essential purpose in a growth of the
sporting apparatus and optimising a roving position.

Müller describes this complete process, that has characterised the
work of new months: “We rise and exercise ideas during the
march of a deteriorate and directly afterwards. This is followed by the
initial exam in a breeze hovel to check either growth is going
in a right direction. In a duration heading adult to a subsequent exam in
a breeze tunnel, we redo certain aspects again. We are usually means to
exercise this operative element interjection to a opportunities that BMW
give us.”

What is being worked on and how is tip secret, after all a last
thing we wish is to give a foe any hints. But all is
tested to optimise a aerodynamics. Jacqueline Lölling said: “We test
changes to a element and wish to optimise a roving position as
well. It is critical to get feedback on what we can work on and what
can give us an additional hundredth of a second or some-more before a Olympics
deteriorate gets underway. We are impossibly beholden to BMW that we were
means to exam here. It is a really critical partial of a sport, in which
any hundredth of a second counts.”

This might be even some-more loyal for Tina Hermann; a five-time universe cup
leader is one of a lighter skeleton athletes, that means she has
reduction acceleration. “I need to get a limit out of aerodynamics to
recompense for a miss of weight,” pronounced Hermann. “So, we am always
vehement to see a formula of a exam like this in a BMW breeze tunnel.
It’s usually afterwards that we can see either it was value changing certain
settings or details. It’s all about excellent tuning and removing that last
hundredth of a second.”

The partnership in a breeze hovel emphasises that the
long-standing record partnership of BMW and BSD is most some-more than
competition sponsoring. BMW brings a imagination to Mission Gold; every
fact is excellent tuned in tighten collaboration. “It goes but saying
that we are like a team,” pronounced Hermann. “We have got to know each
other improved over a years. Everyone knows where any other is coming
from. The BMW engineers and their families revisit us during a track, and
even give us tips on a roving position between a particular runs.
That is like a family.”

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