Lucas di Grassi: “Work hard, celebration hard”

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A word from Lucas di Grassi

You distinguished your feat by jumping into Lake Zurich. Have your garments dusty nonetheless from a champagne and water?
Yes, even yet we fundamentally always like a smell of champagne on my racing fit it has given been put in a soaking machine. But a pleasing feeling remains! Actually, now that a few days have upheld and I’ve review all a reports, it might have even turn some-more intense. Winning this competition so many years after a final general motorsport eventuality in Switzerland means a lot to me not slightest since it was such a illusory weekend in each way.

Will such a burst now turn a tradition for you? After all, during a subsequent eventuality in New York a competition lane will be located directly on a waterfront again …
(laughs) In perspective of a clever stream of a East River, we consider I’d improved not and instead come adult with something else. But seriously: The brief extemporaneous celebration during that Dieter Gass and Allan McNish also jumped into a lake after me is a flattering good pointer of how glorious a atmosphere is in a team. We work tough and with full concentration. We’re clearly focused on a goal. And, during a same time, we’re means to celebration tough when we’re successful.

After a 3 initial races of a deteriorate still final in a championship and now third, 5 podiums true – no other motorist has scored some-more points in a final 5 races than we have. How good does that feel?
I always demeanour during such statistics with churned feelings. On a one hand, obviously, a clever run of success we’re delivering as a group during a impulse and a annals we might be environment are great. On a other hand, we also infrequently think: What if things had left a small smoother during a commencement of a season? Or if we’d have additionally had a competition weekend in Montreal that was cancelled to make adult some-more ground? However, there’s no indicate in wasting too many thoughts on this. We’re now entirely concentrating on a destiny and on a large aim of clinching a teams’ pretension in Formula E. 

Your group has reduced a opening to Techeetah in a teams’ sequence to 33 points. You have knowledge in delivering good fightbacks on a final weekend. What’s a plan for a final dual races in New York?
Last deteriorate we arrived during a dual final races with a 23-point necessity and still managed to pass Sébastien Buemi. Now Daniel and we have to make adult 33 points on dual days – that’s a lot though not impossible. Our competitors will no doubt be clever in New York, so we need to be a ones doing a improved pursuit within a space of 48 hours.

Before this motorsport prominence a special personal knowledge – a birth of your initial son – is available you. What are your skeleton for a subsequent few weeks?
There’s still some contrast work with a automobile for a subsequent deteriorate on a agenda, though I’ll be means to spend many of my time with my mother in Brazil. I’m super-excited and looking brazen to a birth of a son – and, obviously, also to roving to New York as a code new father with tip motivation. 

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