M Performance Parts for a new BMW 1 Series already accessible during marketplace launch.

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Munich. With a complicated suspension, innovative
technologies and absolute engines, a new BMW 1 Series (fuel
expenditure combined: 7.1 – 3.8 l/100 km [39.8 – 74.3 mpg imp];
CO2 emissions combined: 162 – 100 g/km*) sets a new
benchmark in a reward compress category in terms of pushing dynamics.
As such, a sold impression and superb lively of the
third engine era ensures an observable sporty driving
knowledge ex works. However, this can be strong even further: as
shortly after a marketplace launch of a new BMW 1 Series, an extensive
operation of disdainful M Performance Parts is accessible that concede the
car’s sporty coming and energetic intensity to be given an
additional boost. As is prevalent for BMW, all components are
harmonised with any other and with a specific impression of a new
model. In serve to enhancing a car’s sporty, energetic appearance
on a extraneous in particular, a tools also accommodate functional
mandate in terms of lightweight construction and aerodynamics.
This is not slightest due to a endless racing imagination contributed by
BMW M GmbH to a growth of a M Performance components.


Sporty lightness: aerodynamic and extraneous components.

Various lightweight construction tools in a new CO fibre
demeanour and components in high-gloss black underscore a car’s sporty
coming while during a same time highlighting a lines of a body.
What is more, a M Performance front splitter, a horizontal-flow
back spoiler and a aero flicks in high-gloss black optimise
aerodynamics, thereby enhancing a talents of a compress 5-door
indication in a area of pushing dynamics. The same relates to the
high-gloss black side sill insert and a back diffuser in lightweight
CO fibre. All M Performance components were grown especially
for a new BMW 1 Series and ideally harmonised in a breeze tunnel.
The high-quality CO twine components are crafted elaborately by
palm before being hermetic with a transparent finish and given a high-gloss
polish. This also relates to a M Performance extraneous counterpart caps,
whose high-tech impression provides an appealing eye-catcher. BMW M
Performance Parts also offers a new M kidney grille with filigree design
as a retrofitting solution.


Highlights a proportions: lettering in Frozen Black.

In addition, a operation of M Performance Parts also includes
options to serve labour a car’s sporty extraneous design. The side
lettering in Frozen Black highlights a model’s new proportions, for
example, adding an appealing accentuation to a body. The taste set
with distinguished caricature and M Performance marker goes perfectly
with a other mounted parts, away highlighting a car’s
sporty character. As a serve to this, a car front can be
polished with lettering in high-gloss black.


For absolute deceleration: 18-inch M Performance sports brake.

In gripping with a increasing pushing dynamics, a new BMW 1
Series can also be propitious with an 18-inch M Performance sports brake
system, whose distinguished characteristics are extended deceleration
opening and increasing thermal resilience – even in extreme
conditions. The brake’s appealing coming with calipers finished
in red provides a ideal compare for a car’s sporty pattern style;
this is showcased generally effectively in multiple with an open
circle design. As compared to a customary stop system, a front axle
has incomparable inner-vented, seperated discs in lightweight pattern which
are strenuously gripped by 4-piston bound calipers. The abundantly sized
calipers are done of a aluminium amalgamate so as to save weight. The rear
spindle facilities relating lightweight construction stop discs with
single-piston floating caliper.


All-round perfection: sporty finish circle sets in 18 and 19 inches.

Matching a sports brake, BMW offers a high-quality M
Performance fake circle Y-Spoke 554M in an 18-inch format. This
weight-optimised summerwheel in Jet Black matt facilities a
multicolored striking imitation that ideally showcases a M Performance
marker and M logo. The light amalgamate circle Y-Spoke 711M in Ferric
Grey is serve accessible in an 18-inch format. This winter circle is
suitable for use with sleet bondage and can also be total with a M
Performance sports brake. The operation also includes a 19-inch M
Performance light amalgamate circle Double Spoke 555M in bicolour look,
that is accessible as a finish circle set for use in summer.

The M Performance circle bags are endorsed as a unsentimental solution
for storing and transporting these high-quality wheels. They protect
a motorist and car from defiled and are accessible for loading due
to their reinforced handles. Markings safeguard fast circle allocation,
while a appealing M Performance pattern creates a racing atmosphere
even in a garage during home.


Sporty aptitude directly on entry: LED doorway projectors with M
Performance motifs.
The BMW doorway projectors yield a
sporty acquire even when a doors are opened. With a three
opposite motives enclosed in a M Performance slip set it is
probable to have a BMW M trademark or other graphics projected onto the
belligerent subsequent to a vehicle. The lighting not usually ensures comfort and
reserve when entering and exiting a vehicle, it also creates a very
exclusive, sold atmosphere. The sporty motifs are clearly
perceptible, even during dusk.


Pure racing feeling: sporty highlights in a cockpit.

Distinctive touches of sporty encouragement are also accessible for
a interior of a new BMW 1 Series. The M Performance steering wheel
with sold Alcantara hold area and vast thumbrest offers
genuine racing feeling, for example. In serve to a steering
wheel’s pleasing hold total with an glorious grip, visual
accentuations are supposing by a red imprinting during a 12 o’clock
position and a silver-grey hand-sewn cross-stitching. The steering
wheel’s sporty high-tech impression can be serve extended with a M
Performance steering circle trim, for that there is a choice between
CO fibre/Alcantara and CO fibre/leather. In both cases, a 6
o’clock fact bears a M Performance inscription. There is an
additional choice for vehicles with Steptronic sports transmission:
high-quality M Performance CO twine change paddles can be selected
to serve raise a engine racing atmosphere in a cockpit.

Finally, another appealing serve for vehicles with sporty M
Performance equipment is supposing by a high-quality velvet velour
building mats with festooned M Performance inscription, a leather-look
approximate finish with resisting join and a streamer in a standard M
colours blue, light blue and red. In serve to their sporty look,
a non-slip and high-grip building mats yield an glorious fit.

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