Making a plea demeanour like child’s play: Three-man group breaks universe record in a tricked-out Touareg

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TDI Panamericana Challenge

Earlier this week, we distinguished a news that Rainer Zietlow, Carlos Fernandez and Marius Biela finished a TDI-Panamericana Challenge in world-record time, roving scarcely 16,000 miles and flitting by 14 countries in underneath 12 days. But a group didn’t make a outing on a bicycle built for 3 (Editor’s note: new plea idea?). They did it in a Volkswagen Touareg TDI Clean Diesel because, in Rainer’s possess words, “An continuation plea of this bulk requires a car that can hoop all opposite forms of terrain, trade and meridian conditions.” For Rainer and his team, that car could usually be a Touareg TDI.

When Rainer, Carlos and Marius pennyless a universe record, a carol of cheers went up, That was followed by a really shrill “ahem,” that was a sound of their VW Touareg clearing a throat, as if to say, “Little credit over here?” Part of what creates Rainer’s group so successful is that they devise all delicately and meticulously, including their choice of vehicle. The group comparison a 2011 Volkswagen Touareg TDI Clean Diesel in partial for a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 TDI® Clean Diesel engine and 4MOTION® all circle expostulate (AWD) system.

The group was wakeful that a Pan-American Highway is not usually a world’s longest road; in places, it’s also one of a roughest. To hoop a accumulation of conditions they’d be facing, Rainer’s Touareg was mutated to embody satellite record for live communication in remote areas, a largest tires that fit a Touareg to improved residence rough roads via South America and an additional 300-liter fuel tank to extend a stretch a car could transport between refueling.

Every time a group faced a quite fatiguing aspect of a challenge, a Touareg did what it does: it got them by it and kept them going. The group had their initial fuel stop in Lima, Peru, where they refueled a Touareg’s tank as good as their additional 300-liter fuel tank with a assistance of an electric pump.

The outing had some-more than a share of bad highway conditions, though during a Guatemala apportionment of a journey, Rainer reported that “the Touareg forsaken into a foot-deep pothole in a center of a night, though fortunately, it rubbed this perfectly.” The group gathering all a approach from a world’s southernmost city to a Volkswagen bureau in Mexico before changing a oil, fuel, atmosphere filter, brakes and rotors. They also motionless to inspect a Touareg’s undercarriage and cessation in a eventuality that a South American sinkhole had managed to repairs their vehicle. As it incited out, all was in tip condition. In Rainer’s words, “We were positive once again that a Touareg TDI was a right car for a Panamericana Challenge.”

Tell us: where would we like to go in a Touareg?


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