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Besides new prolongation methods, innovative materials play an increasingly critical partial in vehicle construction. In a interplay between high-strength steel, deep-drawn piece steel, light alloys and plastics, we find insurgency to feverishness fluctuation, fast toughness, a ability to catch loads in a pile-up and element virginity for recycling after replacements. The materials are serve approaching to chuck their (light) weight into improving a potency of a altogether vehicle.

Researching improvements for existent materials is no longer sufficient if these mandate are to be met. We need to consider external of a box and see what’s going on in other fields. At Porsche, potion record has been receiving a lot of courtesy in new years. The enterprise to make complicated glazing lighter is by no means new. Motor racing has in a past replaced it with plastic, for instance with Makrolon®. However, a material’s low insurgency to scratching and a less-than-optimal visible characteristics demarcate it from use in mass-produced highway cars. This is since a engineers have been looking into a matter of thin-film glass. The material, that became famous as Gorilla Glass, is used to make guard screens. Tablet PCs, flat-screen TVs, and smartphones have been regulating it for years. Its benefits: ideal visible characteristics, low weight, really high strength. Porsche initial used glazing of allied peculiarity for a laminated potion in a back window of a Porsche 918 Spyder with Weissach package. The roughly 20-by-20-centimeter prosaic mirror would have to be deliberate trying-on-for-size. We’re meditative bigger today.

The 911 GT3 RS’s side window, Porsche Engineering, 2018, Porsche AG

The high-strength winding side window in a Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Drawbacks? There are some, though not many. Presently, prolongation is still expensive, not slightest since a automotive attention is usually a teenager patron for those manufacturers traffic in this peculiarity of glass. Primary direct arises from displays for consumer electronics. There’s also as nonetheless no resolution to a glazing’s incomparable coherence preventing it from use as a lowerable doorway window: At aloft speeds, a atmosphere tide would hook a potion external and block closing. For a mid-term, a devise is to use a hybrid combination regulating a chemically dense skinny potion usually for a interior side of a devalue potion pane.

Classic material, new approach

The record for estimate thin-film potion has progressed enormously over a past 3 years. Engineers are now able of realizing winding panes of thin-film glass, a initial specimens of that saw a light of day in a Samsung smartphone. What we know as Gorilla Glass from smartphones is indeed small some-more than an age-old material: glass, a same things done of recycled potion shards, sand, and—when it comes to vehicle windows—a skinny reserve film between dual layers of skinny glass.

Gorilla glass, Porsche Engineering, 2018, Porsche AG

Porsche is a initial vehicle manufacturer to make use of chimpanzee glass

For potion to turn thin-film glass, it initial needs to bear chemical treatment. To tellurian perception, potion appears well-spoken and flat, though seen by an nucleus microscope, it is as angled and fissured as a canyon. The floors of a crevasses are dirty with molecules. A chemical diagnosis draws them out and replaces them with incomparable molecules that squeeze into a opening and so boost element firmness during aspect level. This increases a glass’s compressive highlight and creates it intensely strong. Tests have shown that a thin-film potion windshield with a 2.1-milli‑meter extraneous covering and a 0.55-millimeter interior covering total with PVB reserve film is during slightest 200 percent stronger than a required devalue potion windshield. Such a windshield would be almost some-more resistant to accost and mill chipping, be distant some-more cool to scratching, and mangle usually during most aloft loads in a crash. Add to this a fact that thin-film potion possesses a grade of coherence and is so able of fast some-more physique torsion.

Lighter, yes. And quieter, too.

The weight saved is enormous. The required single-layer reserve potion chronicle of a stream Porsche 911’s back window, for example, weighs 5.8 kilograms. The same window done of thin-film potion weighs usually 3.7 kilograms, slicing a weight by about forty percent. And that’s usually one component. At present, Porsche uses this glazing on a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, whose back window and back side windows are done of it. But it gets even better. The new devalue potion offers incomparable UV protection. In this case, however, we have a reserve film to appreciate for restraint 99 percent of a UV radiation. Conventional single-layer reserve potion though a film blocks usually around seventy percent. The high visual peculiarity of thin-film potion extremely reduces a obvious exaggeration informed from thicker glazing, generally during a low slope of a designation angle. On tip of that, a potion also thaws out most quicker in glacial weather, simply since it is thinner. With a perspective to electric mobility, we find nonetheless another advantage in a incomparable damping outcome on high-frequency sound waves.

GT3 RS, Porsche Engineering, 2018, Porsche AG

More potion in a newcomer compartment?

Right now, Porsche is questioning softened infrared reflection. Current levels compare that of informed glazing types, though a aim is to raise functionality to grasp aloft feverishness insulation. Thin-film potion could also change aspect pattern in a newcomer compartment. Radically new controls in a form of curved, touch-panel displays could offer drivers a means of totally customizing all controls to fit their personal preferences. One prophesy doing a rounds: Drivers save their tradition newcomer cell configurations on My Porsche and so get their own, wholly personalized control interface in any Porsche they drive. Over time, thin-film potion of several properties will reinstate glazing in some-more and some-more walks of life. The advantages are evident. Besides incomparable strength during reduce weight, a most aloft sound insulation will make thin-film potion a go-to choice for electric mobility in a automotive industry.  

Text initial published in a Porsche Engineering Magazine, emanate 01/2018

Text by Thorsten Elbrigmann // photography by Porsche AG, Rafael Krotz


911 GT3 RS: Fuel expenditure total 12.8 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 291 g/km

911 GT2 RS: Fuel expenditure total 11.8 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 269 g/km

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