MAN and Scania establish beliefs for corner development

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Under a powerful of Volkswagen Truck Bus, a MAN and Scania brands have dynamic transparent beliefs for their corner growth projects and have resolved a analogous simple agreement. In future, teams consisting of engineers from both brands will rise core components of a expostulate sight together. There will be common platforms for engines, gearboxes, axles and empty after-treatment systems that can afterwards be mutated by a sold brands. One of a dual companies will take a lead for any project. The lead engineering judgment ensures that a needs of both companies are taken into account, a individuality of a brands is confirmed and competencies are clearly defined.

Andreas Renschler, CEO of Volkswagen Truck Bus and member of a Board of Management of Volkswagen AG obliged for blurb vehicles said, “Thanks to a judgment of lead engineering, we have dynamic transparent manners for destiny team-work between MAN and Scania in a area of investigate and development. Both companies will rise a member platforms together, while incorporating their possess particular strengths, that means that a cultures and business models of a brands will be preserved. Simultaneously, we will beget synergies that are to everyone’s advantage. This gives us a required financial room to stratagem and emanate new business areas, rise innovations for a business and dig additional markets so that MAN and Scania will also be ensured a heading marketplace position in a future. We can usually turn Global Champion of a blurb vehicles attention in a subsequent decade if a brands are strong.”

Principles and competencies are clearly determined.

MAN and Scania will establish a brand- and customer-specific mandate for a components early on in a growth phase. The needs of Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus and Navistar will also be incorporated into this phase. A uniform formulation routine guarantees that a investigate and growth departments during MAN and Scania work in a comparable manner.

This is also mirrored in a pattern organization of Volkswagen Truck Bus. The cross-company function, Research Development, manages a cross-brand formulation process.

Scania will take a lead in a growth of a common engine height with a ability of 13 litres, while MAN will be obliged for a engine platforms with capacities between 5 and 9 litres. In line with this, Scania will be obliged for a vast empty after-treatment systems and MAN for a middle and tiny systems. Gearboxes have also been allocated in a identical manner. Scania will take a lead in complicated gearboxes while MAN will be obliged for a middle and light gearboxes. MAN will be in assign of driven axles and non-driven axles in future, and Scania will take a lead during engine government systems.

Anders Nielsen, CTO during Volkswagen Truck Bus, explained, “The approach in that equipment have been allocated is a outcome of a product ranges that a dual manufacturers offer. Whilst Scania is usually represented in a complicated lorry segment, MAN also offers vehicles adult to a reduce extent of 3 tonnes, for instance a TGM and TGL, and in destiny also a TGE. Each association shares a strengths and in doing so contributes to a success of a team.”

All prolongation sites will be confirmed and some will be extended

The judgment of lead engineering has small outcome on a prolongation sites; there will be no send of production. The running element is that Scania will make for Scania and MAN for MAN. Exceptions to this are gearboxes and non-driven axles. Scania will continue to furnish complicated gearboxes and extend a capacities for a Group in Södertalje. In return, MAN will enhance a prolongation of non-driven axles in Salzgitter and will broach these to Scania.

The allocation of growth leads to both brands will outcome in an boost in a workforce in certain areas, while other areas will have to be restructured with a perspective to a future. However, employer and worker member have concluded that a jobs of all members of staff in a areas influenced will be secured. Employees will also be offering to pierce to a other code for dual to 4 years by means of a secondment abroad. This will foster mutual bargain and promote closer team-work of a Volkswagen Truck Bus brands. Alternatively, employees will be means to select between other jobs during their stream site during no financial disadvantage.

“The preference to order a lead functions for engine growth and driven axles between MAN and Scania is a subsequent vital step in compelling synergies within a blurb car brands. We will deposit a ensuing financial advantage in even some-more fit MAN and Scania products for a customers. At a same time, jobs will be kept safe. At a prolongation sites, all will stay as it is: Scania will make for Scania, MAN for MAN,” stressed Bernd Osterloh, authority of a Group Works Council during Volkswagen AG.

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