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The MAN Group looks behind during a severe mercantile year in 2015: While a European blurb vehicles marketplace recovered, a conditions in other regions — generally Brazil — and in a Power Engineering business area stays tense. Although a tellurian economy available assuage growth, mercantile movement in many rising economies slowed serve over a march of a year. Russia and Brazil continue to be of good concern.

MAN Truck Bus was means to say a position in a pivotal blurb vehicles markets in Europe and to boost a sales income and sales. MAN Truck Bus has launched a destiny expansion module designed to boost long-term competitiveness. In a pivotal Brazilian market, MAN Latin America shielded a marketplace care for a 13th year in duration notwithstanding extreme competition. The constrictive economy had a vital impact on sales income and sales. In a Power Engineering business area, a downward marketplace had a dampening outcome on a Engines Marine Systems and Turbomachinery vital business units. Power Plants felt a impact of slower mercantile expansion and longer plan lead times in pivotal rising economies. MAN investee Renk again available an glorious mercantile year.

At €14.4 billion, a MAN Group’s sequence intake in mercantile 2015 was down 6% year-on-year. In a Commercial Vehicles business area, it amounted to €11.0 billion, 4% reduce than a prior year’s figure. MAN Truck Bus perceived 9% some-more orders, while sequence intake during MAN Latin America declined by some-more than half. In a Power Engineering business area, sequence intake decreased by approximately 13% year-on-year to €3.4 billion.

At €13.7 billion, a MAN Group’s sales income in mercantile 2015 was 4% reduce year-on-year. The Commercial Vehicles business area available sales income of €10.0 billion. MAN Truck Bus generated year-on-year expansion of 7%; sales income amounted to €9.0 billion. Unit sales increasing by 8% to 79,222 vehicles. MAN Latin America’s sales income declined to €1.0 billion; section sales roughly halved to 24,472 vehicles. Sales income amounted to €3.8 billion in a Power Engineering business area. MAN Diesel Turbo generated sales income of €3.3 billion. Renk’s sales income was also adult somewhat on a prior year, during €487 million.

Free money upsurge from a MAN Group’s handling activities and investing activities attributable to handling activities was certain and amounted to €0.5 billion.

The MAN Group’s handling distinction after restructuring losses was €92 million in mercantile 2015. Operating distinction during a Commercial Vehicles business area forsaken to €–101 million. MAN Truck Bus available an handling distinction before special equipment of €205 million — a poignant boost compared with a prior-year period. Special equipment weighing on handling distinction associated to restructuring losses of €185 million for a destiny expansion program. This reduced MAN Truck Bus’s handling distinction to €20 million. MAN Latin America available an handling detriment of €120 million since of a reduce volumes in Brazil and introduced a vast series of measures to negate this trend. Operating distinction in a Power Engineering business area amounted to €283 million and was so on a turn with a prior year. MAN Diesel Turbo’s handling distinction was €216 million. Renk posted an handling distinction of €68 million and so a continued high handling lapse on sales of 14.0%. The MAN Group’s handling lapse on sales declined to 0.7% in 2015 opposite a backdrop of special equipment from restructuring losses and a intensely formidable mercantile sourroundings in Brazil. 

“We have instituted or stepped adult measures to boost profitability in all divisions. Our idea is to broach poignant formula from optimized products and components, as good as procurement. Additionally, collateral expenditures are being reviewed and workflows are being examined and enhanced. The many critical new magnitude is a destiny expansion module to strengthen a long-term competitiveness of MAN Truck Bus. It includes reorganizing lorry prolongation and streamlining administration. The changes introduced in a train prolongation network in 2014 have now mostly been implemented. As MAN SE’s Executive Board, we are assured that it was and stays a right preference to trigger pivotal measures to guarantee a Company’s destiny expansion even in economically formidable times,” says Joachim Drees, Chief Executive Officer of MAN SE.

In May 2015, Volkswagen AG’s Supervisory Board authorized a origination of Volkswagen Truck Bus GmbH, a blurb vehicles holding. As partial of this, MAN Truck Bus, MAN Latin America, and Scania are collaborating some-more closely while maintaining their identities and full operational responsibility. The new organisation aims to beget intensity additional long-term handling distinction synergies averaging during slightest €650 million a year. In light of a prolonged product lifecycles in a blurb vehicles business, it will take 10 to 15 years before these have been entirely realized. For example, leveraged synergies in a areas of buying and growth are expected.

MAN SE’s Executive Board expects section sales for 2016 to be on a turn with a prior year in a Commercial Vehicles business area, while sales income will tumble somewhat brief of a prior-year figure. Buoyed by a instituted measures, handling distinction and handling lapse on sales will be adult significantly year-on-year. Both pivotal indicators will also significantly surpass a 2015 total before special items. In a Power Engineering business area, a Executive Board expects sequence intake in 2016 to be somewhat above a prior-year level. Sales income will be noticeably reduce than in a prior year. Strong rival vigour will continue to import on a stretched markets in 2016. Operating distinction and handling lapse on sales will therefore be significantly reduce than a prior-year figures.

This will meant a slight year-on-year decrease in a MAN Group’s sales revenue. Operating distinction and handling lapse on sales will be adult significantly year-on-year.

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