MAN exhibits a diesel engines for energy era in a Middle East

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The D2862 LE22x, an innovative new design, is a top opening diesel engine for appetite era that MAN is unapproachable to be means to embody in a portfolio.The Middle East Electricity trade satisfactory in Dubai is a initial time MAN has exhibited a diesel engines for appetite era to a Middle Eastern market. Power section constructors will so be means to perspective a far-reaching operation of fit diesel engines with opening travelling from 180 kW to 1,117 kW.

The Middle East Electricity trade satisfactory in Dubai is a largest muster eventuality for a appetite supply attention in a shred with over 100 participating countries, providing a launch pad for destiny sales of MAN engines designed and constructed in Germany for a Middle Eastern market. “From now on, we will be means to offer a business a internal use for each customary of arguable and durable MAN engine: Our extended product operation enables us to offer energetic engines with automatic injection as good as with a many benefaction Common Rail Technology” reveals Hubert Gossner, Head of Power MAN Engines. MAN diesel engines for rise bucket compensation, puncture appetite supply and simple bucket supply have been successfully sole for many years now in Europe, Asia, South Africa and America. 

For a rising market, MAN provides attempted and tested, tolerable 6-cylinder in-line engines, as good as 8-, 10- and 12-cylinder V-type engines. Depending on their form of operation in PRP (Prime Power), ESP (Emergency Standby Power), LTP (Limited Time Power) or COP (Continuous Power), a engines can be operated for a limit of between 200 and 8,000 operational hours per year. MAN engines are characterised by their high appetite spectrum, stout pattern and compress construction, while their low life cycle costs also win over many customers.

MAN will benefaction visitors to Middle East Electricity in Dubai a 6-cylinder in-line engine, D2676 LE22x, as good as a 12-cylinder V-type engine, D2862 LE22x, showcasing a extended spectrum of a operation of opposite engines and opening diversity.

The D2862 LE22x, an innovative new design, is a top opening diesel engine for appetite era that MAN is unapproachable to be means to embody in a portfolio. This 12 cylinder V-type engine from MAN has a banishment of 24.2 litres, with a 128 mm gimlet and a cadence of 157 mm. The V12 offers automatic opening of 880 kW during 1,500 min.-1 and 1,117 kW during 1,800 min.-1 for appetite era in Emergency Standby Power (ESP) mode. The use of complicated technologies such as Common Rail Injection systems enables a efficient, 12-cylinder engine to grasp rise values for fuel expenditure over a wide, focus spectrum. Its measure of only 2,660 mm x 1,540 mm x 1,920 mm safeguard a bearing for use as a enclosure generating set.

MAN presents during Middle East Electricity an mention of a product programme of Diesel engines for appetite era (see here D2676 LE22x).The D2676 LE22x has been grown as a 4 cadence diesel engine with 6 in-line cylinders means to produce 12.4 litre banishment with a 126 mm gimlet and 166 mm stroke. The 6-cylinder offers fill-in automatic opening of 396 kW during 1,500 min.-1 and 415 kW during 1,800 min.-1 for appetite era in Limited Time Power (LTP) mode. The simple engine has been successfully used for many years in MAN blurb vehicles and in rural machine applications. A sum of 100,000 units have already been produced. The fit D2676 diesel engine especially stands out for a prolonged operative life and low handling costs. The low life cycle costs are especially achieved by a low fuel and oil consumption, a prolonged use life of a components and a user-friendly simple upkeep of a lightweight (1,165 kg dry weight) and simply accessible, compress (2,518 mm x 1,080 mm x 1,406 mm) MAN engine. Both a D2862 LE22x and a D2676 LE22x accommodate a locally applicable, stream empty glimmer standards in all opening ranges.

Entering a appetite era shred will capacitate MAN to finish a product portfolio for a Middle Eastern market. MAN Truck Bus has been represented around a informal bureau in Dubai given 2006 and supports a network of disdainful distributors and importers via a region.

The Middle East Electricity trade satisfactory is holding place from a 11th to a 13th of Feb 2014 during a Dubai International Exhibition Centre. MAN´s products can be noticed in Hall S2 during Stand E20.

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