MAN is one of Germany´s many profitable brands

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Interbrand lists a Munich-based blurb car and engineering association among a Top 20

According to a latest consult by a obvious consulting organisation Interbrand, MAN ranks among a twenty many profitable brands in Germany. The formula list Germany´s Top 50 brands, with MAN holding an superb 20th place formed on a code value of some 1.7 billion euros. This puts a Munich-based commercial-vehicle and engineering association forward of other clever brands, such as Metro, TUI, Henkel and Deutsche Post.

In calculating a value of any brand, Interbrand done use of 3 apart analyses. These evaluated a company´s financial gain power, a stress of a code in terms of patron shopping decisions, as good as code strength, that is for instance shabby by factors such as code recognition and code leadership.

“The consult shows that as a outcome of a code debate ‘MAN kann’ and a high-impact sports sponsoring activities, we have positioned a MAN code in a targeted manner, creation a poignant grant to a craving value. A clever code promotes certainty in MAN´s products and services on a partial of both a business and a employees,” says Andreas Lampersbach, Head of Corporate Communications for a MAN Group.

Further information on a consult and information collection techniques can be accessed during

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