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Presentation of innovative solutions for decentralized appetite reserve during a “Power Gen 2014” muster

MAN will be presenting a innovative and different prolongation portfolio for decentralized appetite era during a general appetite muster Power-Gen 2014, to be hold in perfume from Jun 3 to 5. This year, all is indicating to healthy gas as an eco-friendly and fit source of energy.  

In a form of several exhibits, a association will be displaying a portfolio of natural-gas-powered engines and turbines and display that it is good positioned in this field. At a MAN SE Annual General Meeting hold dual weeks ago in Hanover, Chief Executive Officer Dr. Georg Pachta-Reyhofen described a appetite transition in Germany and a ensuing trend towards decentralized appetite reserve as a good event for MAN: “In future, electricity contingency be generated where and when it is needed. Based on a power-plant solutions – particularly a engines as good as gas and steam turbines – we can offer a ideal products for this. To be used for instance by incomparable enterprises for co-generation plants.”

MAN will be display a 35/44G gas engine, that offers a ability of 10.6 MW, is rarely stretchable in reacting to bucket changes and can strech full-load operation within 4 minutes. This creates it ideally matched for use as a standby engine to take over whenever regenerative appetite sources, such as breeze or solar plants, are incompetent to supply adequate power. The engine is directed during both industrial bulk consumers and appetite producers and can be used in sum feverishness and appetite plants. It is also intensely effective, a electrical potency reaching 47 percent and even surpassing 50 percent in sum operation with an MAN steam turbine. In a box of sum feverishness and appetite plants (CHP), sum potency levels of adult to 90 percent are possible. This form of engine forms a core of a gas appetite plant that MAN is now constructing for Volkswagen in Braunschweig.

The steam turbines constructed by MAN Diesel Turbo are further clever partners for renewable appetite and decentralized appetite generation. These are for instance used in Shams 1 in Abu Dhabi, a world´s largest solar thermal appetite plant generating 125 MW, in a waste-heat generator set for a smelting works belonging to Finnfjord AS in Norway and for stream waste-to-energy projects. MAN Diesel Turbo is generally well-positioned in a zone of thermal rubbish treatment, with anxiety projects in Bremen (50 megawatts), Turin (66 megawatts) and London (80 megawatts).

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