MAN secures tip places in sustainability rankings

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Very good formula from oekom investigate and Dow Jones Sustainability Index

MAN belegt Spitzenplätze in NachhaltigkeitsrankingsMAN ranks among a many tolerable car and engineering companies worldwide. This has been reliable by a internationally famous rating agencies, oekom investigate AG and RobecoSAM.

Oekom investigate reviewed 146 companies in this zone worldwide to consider their correspondence with amicable and ecological stands in a areas of corporate governance and their value chain. The group subsequently reliable MAN´s above-average opening in terms of tolerable corporate governance. Its assessments are formed on a twelve-grade scale trimming from A+ (top rating) to D-. Attaining a B- class and “Prime” status, MAN cumulative a tip place in a engineering sector. As a result, MAN qualifies for tolerable investment (SRI). Only a tip 15% of all companies achieved Prime status.

This certain comment is mostly due to successful doing of MAN´s meridian strategy, that aims to comprehend CO2 assets of 25% during a prolongation sites by 2020. The company´s fit product portfolio also played a vital role. In this case, MAN was means to make an impact with a mercantile drivetrains, as good as successful developments in a zone of choice fuels – resulting, for instance, from a gas strategy.

For a third time in succession, MAN was also enclosed in a Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe Index by a sustainability rating group RobecoSAM. As a result, MAN stays among a tip 3 companies, as good as being a usually German craving in a zone to be represented in a index. The comment lonesome opening in a areas of economic, ecological and amicable sustainability. This year, MAN was means to urge a ranking with courtesy to amicable aspects and achieved quite high scores in a fields of environmental management, risk government and compliance.

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