MAN Truck & Bus participates in logistics startup FR8 Revolution Inc.

Posted on 30. May, 2016 by in Volkswagen Canada

MAN Truck Bus AG invests adult to $8.5 million in a U.S. association FR8 Revolution Inc. (“Fr-eight”). The startup formed in Silicon Valley in a U.S. has grown a extensive “operating system” for a connected travel attention that will be launched in a second entertain of 2016. The IT height will yield shippers, carriers, and lorry drivers with a uniform and pure height for formulation cargoes formed on real-time data.

When looking during existent processes, it becomes utterly clear that there is clever demand. Today, around 12,000 burden brokers in a U.S. act as intermediaries for giveaway loading capacities between shippers and carriers around telephone, e-mail, and fax. The complement is rarely fragmented and so mostly really inefficient; it is formidable to review prices and costs for intervention are high. The FR8 complement aims to support all parties concerned in a routine of this ecosystem, to precedence a existent potential, and to make it significantly some-more efficient.

MAN Truck Bus will actively attend in moulding a digital mutation of a industry, benefit experience, and send business models to Europe. The complement will be launched together with several partners in a U.S.: groups of traders, swift operators, burden brokers, and shippers.

“The logistics attention is not operative as economically as it could. All parties concerned still have singular entrance to real-time data. Where are a trucks now located? Do they have giveaway loading capacities? What are a stream prices? What is a stream pushing duration of a lorry driver? To this date, roughly 35% of a burden volume is not used during all or not used good that is conjunction careful nor environmentally friendly. In collaborating with FR8, we can open adult new possibilities for changing a complement in Europe,” says Joachim Drees, Chief Executive Officer of MAN SE and MAN Truck Bus AG.

In Europe, too, haulers, dispatchers, and lorry drivers miss sufficient information on logistics processes regulating a accumulation of opposite IT systems. The “operating system” grown by FR8 has been designed as an open height opposite brands. This provides a event to confederate apps for all aim groups. Shippers, for example, can perspective stream burden rates, locate a truck’s position, and conduct invoices.
Carriers, for example, can perspective burden skeleton of all trucks on one shade only; in addition, they can enter giveaway loading capacities on a electronic burden sell or conduct a drivers’ time behind a circle and rest periods.

The drivers are connected online with a carriers, can perspective their track formulation and change them if necessary; they also accept information on when a subsequent revisit to a seminar is due.

“Digitization is essentially changing a universe of transportation. Connected services assistance a business to be some-more prolific and rival while opening adult totally new business areas. We will be changing some-more and some-more from a lorry manufacturer into a provider of intelligent travel solutions. Our partnership with FR8 will move us one step closer to this goal. We would like to send a knowledge and ideas to Europe as good as to a brands,” says Andreas Renschler, Member of a Board of Management of Volkswagen AG and CEO of Volkswagen Truck Bus GmbH.

Volkswagen Truck Bus is during a forefront in Europe with distant some-more than 200,000 networked trucks from MAN and Scania. As of 2017, each new lorry from a prolongation line will be online. For this reason, Volkswagen Truck Bus has announced that it will make a three-digit million investment into digital technologies. Today, some-more than 300 employees during MAN and Scania already work on digital innovation.


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