MAN Truck & Bus supports IMAGinE investigate plan on mild driving

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Intelligent integrated networking: a concentration of a corner IMAGinE plan (intelligent automation of manoeuvres– mild risk impediment in real-time) lies on augmenting a reserve of all highway users. In future, vehicles communicating with any other in real-time will form a basement for a mild interplay in highway traffic.

Action not reaction: mild risk showing and impediment are pivotal stairs on a approach towards accident-free and anticipatory pushing as good as a optimisation of trade flow. The mild motorist assistance systems grown as partial of a corner IMAGinE plan will assistance highway users strech their destinations not usually some-more safely, though also some-more well and some-more relaxed.

MAN’s purpose within this plan focuses on a coordination of a several manoeuvres of participating highway users underneath care of a sold mandate of blurb vehicles. Among other things, this includes overtaking manoeuvres of trucks, entering and exiting motorways during junctions, and controlling a stretch to preceding vehicles. In a real-life scenario, this could engage a following: a car behind coordinates with a car in front in sequence to establish a suitable overtaking mark to safeguard an fit overtaking manoeuvre. At motorway junctions, vehicles withdrawal a motorway synchronise their manoeuvres with vehicles remaining on a motorway so that a routine is executed well and safely for all participants. The same relates to vehicles fasten a motorway. In an ideal scenario, it will be probable to exercise this not usually for away tranquil vehicles though also for trucks pushing in procession related around vehicle-to-vehicle communication. All in all, IMAGinE promotes a prophesy of fully-automated driverless driving, but forgetful a now still required driver. This is because IMAGinE is also fixation poignant significance on a pattern of a man-machine-interface for mild manoeuvres.

IMAGinE brings together a consortium of twelve heading companies and investigate comforts in Germany. Participating in a plan alongside MAN Truck Bus AG are Adam Opel AG, BMW AG, Daimler AG, Volkswagen AG, Robert Bosch GmbH, Continental Teves AG Co. oHG, a Würzburg Institute for Traffic Sciences GmbH, IPG Automotive GmbH, Nordsys GmbH, Hessen Road and Traffic Management and a Technical University of Munich. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Industry (BMWi) is providing 17.9 million euros of appropriation for a investigate project.

Further information can be found on a Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Industry website:

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