Man’s True Best Friend: Your Canine or Your Ride?

Posted on 22. Jun, 2016 by in Ford Canada

They’re always there when we need them. They make us feel improved after a prolonged day. Even when life is unpredictable, we can count on them to be waiting, studious and obedient.

In many ways, a vehicles and a dogs aren’t all that different. For both, there are many models (or breeds) to select from, any that fills a singular need – some that are imperishable and strong, and others that are fun and peppy. Both can truly be a best friend.

We spent some time devising what a dog doppelgangers would be for a few Ford models.


The Fiesta is fun, lively and full of life. It’s compact, though packs a large punch into a small package. Couple that with good fuel potency and stylish looks, a Fiesta brings some-more opinion than meets a eye. The verdict? Chihuahua.


The F-150 is a operative lorry that has helped build cities, roads, homes and factories opposite Canada. It is reliable, brave and strong. In a word: tough. Built Tough. It doesn’t complain, it performs – 1,483 kg of payload worth* of performance. Pair that with oppulance touches and imperishable good looks, a F-150’s dog homogeneous is: a St. Bernard.


The Mustang is a bit trickier. It is quick and agile, though powerful. Its “bark,” a mythological engine roar. While engineered for pristine exhilaration, a Mustang is also an idol of story and style. With undying good looks and pulse-raising performance, anticipating a homogeneous isn’t easy. Our choice? Boxer.


The Escape is an impossibly versatile car – large adequate to fit a organisation of friends, absolute adequate to draw a boat** to a lake, while being flexible adequate to scheme a streets of suburbs and streets opposite a country. In many ways, it is a car for everyone. With this versatility, interconnected with a superb though sporty styling, leads us to one conclusion: Labrador Retriever.


* – Maximum cargo of a 2016 Regular Cab F-150, when scrupulously equipped.

** – A limit 1,587 kg of towing with a Class II Towing Package.

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