Marco Wittmann in interview: "We need to find the approach behind to the opening in 2014."

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Munich (DE), 11th Mar 2016. When a new deteriorate of a DTM gets
underway in Hockenheim (DE) on 7th May, BMW Motorsport will be
represented by Bruno Spengler (CA), Marco Wittmann (DE), António Félix
da Costa (PT), Timo Glock (DE), Augusto Farfus (BR), Tom Blomqvist
(GB), Maxime Martin (BE) and Martin Tomczyk (DE) in a cockpits of
a 8 BMW M4 DTMs. Until then, we will broach any of a BMW
DTM drivers as partial of a array of interviews.

Part 1: Marco Wittmann, BMW Team RMG, No 11 Red Bull BMW M4 DTM.

You attended a BMW Centenary Event during a Olympiahalle with
many of your BMW team-mates on Monday. How did we find it?

Marco Wittmann: “It was an considerable event. BMW put on a really
considerable uncover for a spectators in a hall. My team-mates and I
were unequivocally unapproachable to have been there in person. We were particularly
extraordinary to see a judgment automobile BMW VISION NEXT 100. On a stage,
we were means to see a BMW engineers benefaction a automobile of a destiny up
tighten and personal. The technical ideas and a pattern are fascinating.”

The exam in Monteblanco during a finish of Feb kicked off the
heated proviso of scheming for a entrance deteriorate for you. How great
was it to be behind in a BMW M4 DTM after a winter?

Wittmann: “Really great. After a prolonged winter break, there was
good anticipation. We had dual good days of testing, during that we
were means to get by a lot of a contrast programme. we finished
a second day with a second-fastest time, that was unequivocally positive.
For me personally, it was also illusory to lay in a automobile with the
new Red Bull colours. I’m starting a new section with this pattern in
2016. Now it’s time for a aptness week with all of a BMW DTM
drivers, and afterwards come a tests in Hockenheim. But we will usually see
how clever we are compared with a rivals during a initial race.”

What does a Red Bull code make we consider of?

Wittmann: “When we hear Red Bull, we primarily consider of the
bulls on a can. Everyone has this picture in their mind, and that is
what many people consider of when they hear a name. However, we also
consider of a many sporting disciplines in that Red Bull is involved.
Naturally this also includes impassioned sports, that usually unequivocally became
famous by Red Bull’s involvement. we consider that is something special.”

Why is your new reward partner a good fit for you?

Wittmann: “In a identical proceed to Ice-Watch: It is a recent,
obvious brand, that suits me unequivocally good as a immature driver. Red Bull
has many athletes in a squad, and we am unapproachable to also be one of them now.”

Red Bull and Sebastien Vettel were partners for a prolonged time.
You raced opposite any other in a past didn’t you?

Wittmann: “I remember a kart competition in that we competed with
Sebastian. It was my unequivocally initial kart competition and he was already about to
be promoted to a subsequent class. The competition was hold in Kerpen. Naturally
he was faster given we had never taken partial in a kart race.”

What are your dreams for your motorsport career after winning
a DTM pretension in 2014?

Wittmann: “Naturally 2014 was a illusory year, and my aim is to
collect adult some-more titles. 2015 was some-more difficult, and we didn’t conduct to
urge my title, yet a proclivity is there to be champion again in
a future. we wish to win some-more races, and ideally be crowned champion
during a finish of a season.”

With a finish rate of 97 percent, we are a DTM motorist with
a fewest retirements. Is that only luck, or can we explain it?

Wittmann: “I don’t consider it’s only luck. Naturally, we need a
small bit of fitness in certain situations, for example, to avoid
removing held adult in accidents during a start of a race. But it also
depends on a proceed that we take. You need to have a transparent head
during overtaking manoeuvres, and also realize that infrequently there
isn’t a opening that we can fist into. Then it is improved to wait until
a subsequent path to try. My past shows that we do good with that. we didn’t
have unequivocally many retirements or accidents in a youth categories either.”

Where do you, your group and BMW need to urge to be fighting
for a DTM drivers’ pretension again in 2016?

Wittmann: “Firstly, it has to be pronounced that we are a only
manufacturer in a DTM to have won during slightest one pretension each year
given a comeback. we consider that speaks for itself. But to be adult there
in a using for a drivers’ pretension again in 2016, we need to try to
find a proceed behind to a opening in 2014. Particularly in
qualifying, where it’s all about a gait of a car. we consider that is
essential in a DTM; if we are during a front, we have improved chances
of picking adult copiousness of points. With that in mind, a concentration is
clearly on improving a opening of a automobile and being means to make
even improved use of a intensity of a BMW M4 DTM.”

You are concerned in a GT racing programme once again in 2016
and will expostulate a BMW M6 GT3. What is your sense of a car?

Wittmann: “I gathering a BMW M6 GT3 in a 24 Hours of Daytona.
Even yet a technical forsake forced us to retire, we felt a great
potential. It’s normal for there to be a few hiccups with a new automobile at
a start, yet my initial impressions are unequivocally earnest and meant we am
looking brazen to a entrance races.”

You will competition a Nürburgring 24 Hours for Schubert
Motorsport alongside Augusto Farfus, Jörg Müller and Jesse Krohn in
a BMW M6 GT3. How do we feel about this team?

Wittmann: “I consider we have a good brew in a team. we know
Augusto and Jörg unequivocally good from prior years. They are fantastic
competition drivers with an implausible volume of experience. And in Jesse we
have a unequivocally gifted driver, who has already valid his category on the
Nordschleife. I’m certain that we will broach a unequivocally good performance
with this line-up. And a same is loyal for a drivers of a other
BMW M6 GT3s.”

Do we cite to expostulate a automobile on your own, like in a DTM, or
as partial of a team, like in GT racing?

Wittmann: “They both have their appeal. Naturally as a driver, I
like carrying a automobile in that each final fact is customised to my
needs. Which is a box with my BMW M4 DTM. However, during an
continuation race, a sold plea is anticipating compromises to the
set-up that concede each motorist to get quick path times. we unequivocally enjoy
both hurdles and am beholden to BMW Motorsport for a opportunity
to contest in GT racing as good as a DTM.”

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