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Munich/Paris. At a Paris Motor Show, MINI will give
an disdainful preview of a MINI Lifestyle Collection
due to be denounced in November.
Featuring over 50 products, a new collection ranges from articles of
wardrobe to bags, cases and inventive equipment for bland use. A
special product operation for children rounds off a collection, along
with choice ways to get around on dual and 4 wheels for young
and aged MINI enthusiasts alike. The collection embodies MINI’s new
identity, that was suggested as partial of a brand’s refocus in June
final year. With a purify and undying stylistic idiom, distinctive
settlement and high-quality materials, a collection conveys MINI’s
settlement imagination and picture of itself as a code in ways that go beyond
a cars. The MINI Lifestyle Collection 2016-2018 will be accessible at and MINI dealers from November.


Contrast-rich settlement concept.

Although a articles in a new MINI Lifestyle Collection concentration on
a essentials, they are also full of typically MINI surprises.
Contrasts in form, colour and materials play a pivotal purpose here. One
underline of a collection is a interplay of colour accents – the
informed MINI “colour block”. The accent colours Aqua and Lemon team
adult with a underlying Black, White and Grey to emanate a compelling
colour concept. The bags and luggage pieces in a collection
ideally consolidate this approach. From wallets (MINI Wallet
Colour Block
) and accessible shoppers MINI Shopper
Colour Block
) to transport bags and hard-shell trolley cases
(MINI Cabin Trolley), business will find the
ideal object for roughly any occasion. The use of coated board ensures
a collection’s bags and relating accessories are robust,
water-repellent, stain-resistant – and rarely versatile.


Clever details.

In further to their crafty design, equipment in a new MINI Lifestyle
Collection exaggerate a high grade of functionality and many well
thought-out details. The mixed compartments in a bags, for
example, and a cleverly designed interior blueprint of a trolley
cases provoke tidiness and flexibility. A karabiner stitched into
each MINI bag, including a MINI Duffle Bag Colour Block,
MINI Overnight Bag Material Mix and MINI
Weekender Material Mix
, creates a hunt for keys a thing
of a past. And a collection’s accessories also exhibit clever
details. Interchangeable wristbands that come with a MINI
pierce variety, and a MINI Water Bottle Colour
separates in a center to foster stuffing and cleaning.


Iconic MINI Signet.

In further to transport bags and accessories, a new MINI Lifestyle
Collection also includes a operation of clothing. With T-shirts,
sweatshirts and jackets, a collection offers a far-reaching preference of
equipment for men, ladies and children. The panoply also make use of the
colourful colours and richly resisting elements of a colour block,
and in further to a new MINI trademark and MINI lettering, they feature
a MINI signet. Introduced for a initial time with a MINI Lifestyle
Collection 2016-2018, a signet combines dual sets of MINI wings – one
a counterpart picture of a other – to emanate a hexagon shape. It serves as
a wallpaper imitation to accoutre equipment such as a MINI T-Shirt
. Similarly, a MINI signet can cover a whole product
or outdoor surface, such as a contemplative cloaking of a MINI
Umbrella Foldable Signet
or woven settlement of the
MINI Blanket Signet. The blanket’s water-repellent
bottom provides a ideal underlayer for picnics or a night during an
alfresco cinema.


British flair.

The new Lifestyle Collection also sees a MINI code championing its
British origins. Take a MINI Teapot and matching
MINI Cup Colour Block, which showcase British tea
enlightenment from their possess sold perspective. And with the
MINI Travel Flask and MINI Travel
, users can even suffer a MINI tea rite on a move.
Pouring and re-sealing could not be easier interjection to a travel
flask’s crafty snap lock. And it goes but observant that both drinks
containers fit any MINI cupholder.


Responsible use of resources.

The new collection reflects a brand’s joining to regulating resources
responsibly. All a paper and timber in a products is FSC-certified,
and a acetate in a handmade Italian MINI Sunglasses
Aviator Colour Bock
and MINI Sunglasses Panto
Colour Block
is biodegradable. MINI is now also working
with a innovative element LEFA, a tolerable choice to
leather done from recycled leather. This element forms a basement of
a collection’s “Material Mix” array and is used in a MINI
and MINI Laptop Bag, among other items.


Creative products for children.

The new MINI Lifestyle Collection also has something to offer the
youngest MINI enthusiasts. The MINI Colouring Car
, for example, includes a MINI that can be fabricated out
of FSC-certified paper and phony in regulating high-quality “Stabilo
Woody 3 in 1” caricature pencils. So youngsters will have everything
they need to settlement and emanate a MINI of their own. The MINI
Kids Craft Sets
assistance children to build all from a
carwash to animals regulating dull domestic packaging. The sets not only
inspire creativity in a fun way, they also foster a responsible
use of resources.


The MINI Lifestyle Collection 2016-2018 will be accessible at and MINI dealers from November.

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