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Since 1984, The Mazda Foundation has saved Youth for Understanding (YFU) in sequence to foster cross-cultural bargain between America and Japan. The YFU grant from a Mazda Foundation, that is valued during $9,025.00, provides round-trip domestic and general atmosphere travel, chain with a specifically comparison horde family in Japan for 6 weeks, a pre-departure course and support services supposing by YFU in Japan and a U.S.

This year’s name organisation of students will join a some-more than 225,000 immature people who have participated in an sell module with YFU. 

The module starts during a University of California, Berkeley, with a three-day pre-departure orientation, that emphasizes Japanese language, enlightenment and etiquette. Students afterwards fly to Japan, where they learn about Japanese enlightenment by vital with Japanese horde families, participating in internal activities, visiting schools and one-on-one communication with their horde families. The students’ Japan knowledge will cap with a revisit to Mazda’s Headquarters in Hiroshima where they will have a event to accommodate with Mazda Motor Corporation President and CEO Takashi Yamanouchi as good as Mazda engineers and designers.

The Mazda Foundation is unapproachable to be means to yield this truly singular event to such a different organisation of high propagandize students.



About a Mazda Foundation (USA) Inc.

Acting on a clever clarity of shortcoming to give something behind to a communities in that it operates, Mazda determined a munificent foundation. As a corporate substructure of Mazda North American Operations, it has awarded over $7 million to inestimable causes opposite a United States given the initial grants in 1992.


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