Mazda Canada Grows Grassroots Contingency Programs for Canadian Motorsports in 2013

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RICHMOND HILL, ON, Feb. 9, 2013 /CNW/ – Mazda Canada announced currently that after a successful launch in 2012, it will boost a support for competitors who foe Mazdas opposite a nation by adding 3 additional motorsports properties for 2013.

Entering their second year of Mazda’s strait support programs are a Canadian Touring Car Championship (CTCC), and a Toyo Tires Spec Miata Championship.

New for 2013, Mazda Canada is vehement to announce a further of 3 new grassroots properties whose Mazda racers will be authorised for money contingencies in 2013. Those 3 properties are:

  • The VCMC Motorsport Club, that has been a cornerstone of a Vancouver, British Columbia area autocross stage given 1982 and has turn one of a largest clubs in a segment with 280+ members annually.
  • Sigma Racing Time Attack, that hosts motorsport events during several foe marks with personal path timers, veteran timing systems with live leaderboard standings, and Time Attack competitions. Off a track, SRTA continues motorist growth with a operation of pushing simulators and practical racing events.
  • The Sports Car Club of British Columbia (SCCBC), that was founded as a non-profit multitude in 1951.  It is their goal to promote, inspire and support motorsport within a Province of British Columbia; classify rival engine foe events; encourage sportsmanship; and give mutual superintendence and assistance within a membership.

In further to cash, Canadian racers are also authorised to contest in a Mazda North American Club Racer Shootout. Bruce McNutt, who won a Toyo Tires Spec Miata Championship in 2012, was awarded entrance into a 2013 Shootout. The 2013 shootout esteem will be a full deteriorate in a 2014 SCCA Pro Racing Mazda MX-5 Cup valued during $75,000 USD.

For 2013, Mazda Canada is profitable strait awards, for those competitors who are racing authorised Mazda foe cars, and who place good in events orderly by these 5 series. Class structures, schedules and car eligibility foreordain that a strait prizing has been customized for any organization.

“Mazda is committed to ancillary grassroots motorsports in Canada,” pronounced Sandra Lemaitre, National Manager of Public Relations, Mazda Canada. “The enlargement of a Canadian strait module is a approach of thanking and ancillary those pledge racers who select to foe Mazdas, and assisting them pursue their passion.”

“Our initial year was a extensive success as we combined several Mazdas to a CTCC line-up.  We demeanour brazen to 2013 and are anxious by a continued appearance of Mazda Canada Inc.” – John Bondar, President, Canadian Touring Car Championship.

“Spec Miata Championship Drivers Association (SMCDA) is really vehement that Mazda Canada is a partial of a 2013 Toyo Tires Spec Miata Championship. Moving into a second year with Mazda Canada strait module is sparkling for everyone. Thank we Mazda Canada, on interest of all a competitors in a Toyo Tires Miata Championship. – Blu Vandaalen, President, Toyo Tires Spec Miata Championship.

“VCMC Motorsport Club is intensely vehement to be a partner in a Mazda Contingency Program for autocross. This module gives a transparent and approach matter to drivers in a segment that Mazda is critical about grassroots motorsports. We are beholden for this approach and poignant support that Mazda Canada has contributed to grassroots motorsports and are assured that this will assistance grow grassroots motorsports in a region.  Thank you, Mazda!” – Zachary Wong, Vice-President, VCMC Motorsport Club.

“Mazda cars have always been a large partial of Sigma Racing Time Attack events and have dominated a leaderboard. We are really vehement to see Mazda Canada removing directly concerned in grassroots racing.  For many of us, this passion has always been what Mazda is all about.” – Peter Sosinski, Sigma Racing Time Attack.

“The Sports Car Club of British Columbia is looking brazen to a 2013 foe season, and a fad that a Mazda Canada strait module will move to motorsport in BC.  This module will support a joining of flourishing grassroots motorsports, and continue to lift a turn of competition.  We are gratified to see Mazda’s continued impasse in motorsports in Canada, and trust they are a personality in motorsport development.” – Steve Hocaluk, President, SCCBC.

Mazda Canada Inc. is obliged for a sales and marketing, patron use and tools support of Mazda vehicles in Canada. Headquartered in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Mazda Canada has a national network of 165 dealerships. For additional information revisit Mazda Canada’s media website during

SOURCE: Mazda Canada Inc.

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