Mazda Develops New Body Color, Soul Red Crystal, to Symbolize KODO Design

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–Advanced Version of Soul Red to Be Used from All-New CX-5–

HIROSHIMA, JAPAN, Nov. 15, 2016 /CNW/ – Mazda Motor Corporation has grown a new physique color, Soul Red Crystal, to designate a KODO—Soul of Motion design. The new tone will entrance on a all-new Mazda CX-5, on sale in Japan from Feb subsequent year, before being rolled out to new and existent models. 

In a faith that “color is an component of form,” Mazda has focused on building colors that prominence a beauty and peculiarity of a KODO designs. Soul Red Crystal is an modernized chronicle of Soul Red that balances colourful appetite and vividness with transparent abyss and gloss. It boasts 20 percent larger tone superfluity and 50 percent some-more abyss than Soul Red, for a fresher, sleek transparence.

The paint retains a elementary three-layer structure comprising clear, unclouded and contemplative coats, though represents an expansion of Mazda’s Takuminuri painting technology. Takuminuri gives mass-production vehicles a precise, high-quality finish that looks like it has been hand-sprayed by a master craftsman. It has been used formerly with Soul Red and Machine Gray.

The new paint’s unclouded covering facilities a newly grown rarely jam-packed red colouring for a richer red. In further to high-brilliance, intensely skinny aluminum flakes, a contemplative cloak facilities light-absorbing flakes that feature shadowy areas and make it probable to grasp a abyss of tone that formerly compulsory dual layers.

The aluminum flakes were done a uniform size, a coherence of a paint was extended and a technique to cringe a volume of paint during a drying routine was employed. This formula in even, well-spoken coverage of a aluminum and light-absorbing flakes on a car’s physique and some-more accurate control of light reflection, creation for a almost deeper and some-more clear color.

This cloak structure record combines coloring and functionality, enabling Mazda to request Soul Red Crystal, a engineer tone that would customarily need some-more layers, in a same environmentally accessible paint shops that furnish a unchanging physique colors.

In a faith that “color is an component of form,” Mazda will continue to rise new colors and paint technologies, and work to be a code that maintains a clever romantic tie with customers.

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