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Invests Additional $2.3 Million in Chesterfield County Facility 

Washington, DC – Jul 28, 2011 – Today, Mazda North American Operations hold a Grand Opening of a new Automatic Transmission Remanufacturing Line during a Rotary Engine Remanufacturing trickery in Chesterfield County, Virginia. Mazda has invested $2.3 million in this new line and combined 21 full time jobs.

Originally non-stop in 2008 as a rotary engine remanufacturing line, a trickery also includes a energy steering siphon line, a play training core and information call center. Since Mazda’s initial pierce to Chesterfield County and investment of $1.6 million, a association has now invested an additional $2.3 million in this trickery and combined 21 full time jobs. Mazda now employs 41 full time and 29 proxy employees during this site.

“Mazda is anxious with a plcae in Chesterfield County, it has enabled us to effectively offer a preferred placement area,” pronounced Mazda’s Vice President of Customer Service, Yasuo Kunita. “With a peculiarity workforce in Chesterfield, a facility’s executive easterly seashore plcae and a continued support and assistance of Chesterfield Economic Development, we have been means to broach peculiarity use to a business good and cost effectively. We demeanour brazen to doing a same with a delivery line.”

The Automatic Transmission Line disassembles and remanufactures Mazda involuntary transmissions for a MAZDA3 and MAZDA5. The projected volume is 3,000 units per year. On a Rotary Remanufacturing Line, Mazda disassembles and rebuilds a one-of-a-kind Renesis rotary engine, used in a rotary-powered RX-8 sports automobile and constructed over 5,000 remanufactured engines final year. The Power Steering Pump Line disassembles, remanufactures, and tests energy steering pumps in support of a power steering siphon remember for a MAZDA3 and MAZDA5 and has remanufactured over 150,000 pumps in 11 months of operation. Mazda expects to furnish roughly 200,000 pumps in support of a recall. The Training Center trickery houses a training core for play technicians as good as a technical assistance hotline. 

“We are really gratified to have Mazda Motor Corporation, a distinguished member of a County’s Japanese and International production community. We are quite happy that they are expanding in Chesterfield as a outcome of a success they have gifted in a County.” pronounced Art Warren, Chairman, Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors.

Mazda leases 133,000 block feet of space from Weingarten Realty in Enterchange @ Walthall, Building A. The building is located during a Walthall rotate on Ruffin Mill Road and is in a Walthall Enterprise Zone

In further to Chesterfield Economic Development; Mazda will be assisted in their enlargement routine by Virginia Jobs Investment Program and a State Enterprise Zone Program.


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