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– Compact SUV Features a Production-Ready Design, Full Suite of SKYACTIV Technologies –

NEW YORK (April 21, 2011) – Making a North American entrance during a New York International Auto Show is Mazda’s MINAGI Concept, a initial indication to underline a brand’s breakthrough SKYACTIV technologies and KODO pattern language. Showcasing a production-ready design, a compress SUV incorporates a full apartment of SKYACTIV technologies, including a powertrain, framework and physique design, and is a second judgment vehicle, following SHINARI, to stress a “KODO – Soul of Motion” pattern theme.

“I felt a compress SUV was a ideal car to demonstrate lively and focused movement; a coherence of 4 limbs relocating in unison, and in an honest posture,” pronounced Masashi Nakayama, Chief Designer, MINAGI Concept, Mazda Motor Corporation (MC).

While SHINARI was a pristine pattern judgment to demonstrate a full energy of KODO design, MINAGI gives a not-too-subtle spirit of a subsequent era of Mazda products to come. MINAGI’s pattern elements mix a countenance of appetite pulsing via a car with a penetrating lively to pierce about openly and nimbly. With a upright, compress packaging, MINAGI offers a prophesy of KODO pattern that is opposite to SHINARI nonetheless shares a same sinuous, absolute stance.

Evoking a Powerful Finesse of a Cheetah

Derived from “minagiru,” that means to amass or accumulate, and “ikioi,” that means movement or to mortar forward, MINAGI loosely translates as “an countenance of a buildup of sum appetite that can detonate into suit during any time.” For MINAGI, Mazda designers looked to a cheetah, a fastest animal on land, to pull inspiration. A cheetah’s conduct is positioned high, while long, absolute and movable limbs reason a gaunt torso honest to capacitate it to change instruction fast during high speed. When visualizing how a animal hunts, Mazda designers set out to elicit a impulse when a animal contracts a muscles, prepared to scurry and thrust during a prey. Furthermore, such a thrust can be in any direction; an thought that fits with a duty of an flexible compress SUV as it fast nonetheless gracefully maneuvers by a sprawling cityscape.

An romantic pattern fused with refreshing opening is a singular multiple sought by civic explorers. Not ones to be calm with gripping still as a universe passes by, they find to try out and benefit new experiences. With a ability to say a smaller CO footprint than similar-size vehicles, a MINAGI Concept fits ideally into a in-between.

Environmental potency is a duty of not only Mazda’s insubordinate SKYACTIV engines and transmissions, though by also being grown to have a SKYACTIV-Body, that means physique acerbity softened by 30 percent over stream models while being 8 percent lighter, and a SKYACTIV-Chassis, that combines a 14-percent lighter framework with revised cessation and steering functions. The MINAGI Concept symbolizes a expansion of Mazda and is a foregoer to a launch of a brand’s subsequent era of Zoom-Zoom.

Crossing Over into Exhilarating Exterior Design

The MINAGI Concept is compress if not conventional, robust though also slender. With well-toned lines, a MINAGI’s extraneous expresses a neat conformation with an importance on a rearward stance, like that of a crouching savannah cat. Pushing a A-pillar toward a behind focuses on a pushing position. This is in pointy contrariety to a single-arc form of a ahead A-pillar chain found on minivans and a cabin’s position relations to a reduce physique is serve behind than as seen on required SUVs.

Sharing a front fascia with SHINARI, a chromed “signature wing” creates MINAGI immediately tangible as a Mazda and creates a strong, appealing impression. Angling a front grille somewhat downwards while juxtaposing a headlamp housings’ pattern to point upwards creates combined intensity, like that of a furious animal’s gaze. The pattern of a three-dimensional headlamp and behind multiple lamps supplement a heightened clarity of depth.

Sculpted lines along a sides of MINAGI’s physique intensify a clarity of vigor, that advise a flexible strength of a feline. These contours extend and bond with a behind buffer in an superb expression, identical to a athleticism of a cheetah, from a shoulders and hips to a legs. The distinguished front fenders accept even some-more energetic contours as do a behind fenders to stress MINAGI’s clever position atop 20-inch aluminum amalgamate wheels.

Contrasting styles of a behind buffer and frozen behind lines collate a car to imitative a strong, charming hipline of toned athlete. The impression lines that upsurge along a reduce partial of MINAGI’s side panels symbolizes KODO’s clarity of amassed energy and a altogether outcome is a seemly and pleasing form, so liquid as to approach one’s eyes undeviating from front to rear.

Invitingly Luxurious Interior

To emanate an interior that captures MINAGI’s enthralling exterior, a driver-focused cockpit and cabin sourroundings were focused upon, expressing a reassuringly high turn of strength and reduction by contracting peculiarity materials along with a higher fit and finish of minute palm craftsmanship.

A deep, black interior is highlighted by red accents in a behind seatbacks as good as on a doorway armrests. Four satin chrome struts support a instrument panel, any rising ceiling in an picture of straight strength. The pattern of a instrument cluster itself as good as surrounding switches emphasizes a cosy nonetheless superb inlet of a driver-focused interior cabin while expressing Mazda’s sporty ethos.

Luxurious leather is propitious onto a seats and doorway trims and underline delicately sewn distinguished lifted pleats, a hold that conveys a top turn of quality. The “black-smoked” cloaking on a dark-tinted plane row positioned in a core of a instrument row serve exudes an abundant atmosphere that surrounds a vehicles’ occupants. Also, plain steel components, including a doorway handles, are milled from plain aluminum and delicately discriminating to yield a smooth, quality-enhanced surface. The sturdiness of a doorway handles resemble a beauty and functionality of high-end racing bicycle components, serve adding to a MINAGI’s elegantly jaunty feel.

Mazda North American Operations is headquartered in Irvine, Calif. and oversees a sales, marketing, tools and patron use support of Mazda vehicles in a United States, Canada and Mexico by scarcely 900 dealers.Operations in Canada are managed byMazda Canada, Inc., located in Ontario; and in Mexico byMazdaMotor de Mexico in MexicoCity.

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