Mazda reveals 4 sparkling new vehicles during 2014 Los Angeles automobile show

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LOS ANGELES, Nov. 19, 2014 /CNW/ – During a press discussion currently on a building of a 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show, Mazda Motor Corporation suggested a all-new 2016 Mazda CX-3 compress crossover SUV to a world.  Sharing a spotlight with a CX-3 on theatre was a 2016 Mazda MX-5, a fourth era of a world’s best-selling roadster, as good as updated and revised models of a Mazda6 midsize sedan and CX-5 crossover SUV.

The 2016 Mazda CX-3 complements a Mazda line-up, as it ideally hits a aim in a fast flourishing shred in a industry.  The all-new compress crossover SUV offers all a essentials immature urbanites are looking for in a car: a pattern of strenuous peculiarity and style, wrapping grown only with their needs in mind, and a manageable pushing feel that is a hallmark of each Mazda.

Powered by a SKYACTIV-G 2.0-liter gasoline engine in North America, CX-3 will be versed with an involuntary delivery with possibly front- or all-wheel-drive.  Output sum and specifications will be suggested closer to launch, in late open 2015.

The 2016 MX-5 Miata is a latest iteration of a world’s best-selling two-seat roadster, with some-more than 930,000 sole globally.  After creation a tellurian entrance in 3 cities around a creation concurrently in early September, it is creation a North American automobile uncover entrance in Los Angeles.  Powered by a specifically tuned SKYACTIV-G 2.0-liter engine, MX-5 is each bit a genuine sportscar.  With a quell weight approximately 200 pounds lighter than a effusive model, a new MX-5 will perform as enthusiasts and weekend-racers comparison would expect, a loyal essence of a “lightweight sports” Jinba Ittai (literally “horse and supplement as one”) ethos.

Also creation their tellurian debuts during a announcements done during a automobile uncover were revised versions of a 2016 Mazda6 midsize sedan and a 2016 CX-5 crossover SUV.  Both vehicles see endless updates to a interior, highlighted by a further of Mazda’s exclusive in-car infotainment system, Mazda Connect.  The complement has been good perceived given rising in a 2015 Mazda3, and will be customary apparatus opposite trim levels. Mechanically, both models see a further of an electric parking stop and newly designed amalgamate wheels.  Additionally, both vehicles accept revised front and back lights, as good as a further of LED lighting on certain trim levels.  Exclusive to Mazda6 is a further of a singular further to a car’s night lighting signature, as a particular five-point grille is edge-lit on certain trim levels. 

All of these new Mazda vehicles – with a further of Mazda3, Mazda5 and CX-9 – will be on arrangement via a run of a 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show.  Additionally, Mazda will uncover a just-debuted Global MX-5 Cup racing chronicle of a MX-5, as good as other special racing and one-off plan vehicles.

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