Media Information: BMW sports stars get centenary of a BMW Group and BMW code adult and using during Centenary Event.

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Munich. 2016 sees a BMW Group applaud its
centenary underneath a pointer THE NEXT 100 YEARS. The official
celebrations started on 7th Mar in Munich with a large Centenary
Event in a Olympic Hall. Among a 2,000 invited guest were many
athletes, who have enjoyed success around a universe in sports
upheld by BMW. They were there in chairman when BMW’s pioneering
prophesy vehicle, a BMW VISION NEXT 100, was unveiled. Prior to this,
a multimedia uncover had taken guest by a pivotal moments in a BMW
Group’s story and presented a company’s interpretations of future
reward mobility.

Among those representing BMW Motorsport were a 8 DTM drivers
Marco Wittmann (GER), Timo Glock (GER), Bruno Spengler (CAN), Augusto
Farfus (BRA), Maxime Martin (BEL), Tom Blomqvist (GBR), António Félix
da Costa (POR) and Martin Tomczyk (GER), as good as BMW Brand
Ambassador Alex Zanardi (ITA). As good as many other works drivers and
organisation principals, BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt and his
predecessors Mario Theissen and Jochen Neerpasch, a initial managing
executive of BMW Motorsport GmbH, also witnessed a Centenary Event at
initial hand. The same went for many other obvious protagonists from
BMW’s successful motorsport story – including Gerhard Berger (AUT),
Pierluigi Martini (ITA), Harald Grohs (GER), Johnny Cecotto (VEN),
Roberto Ravaglia (ITA) and Paul Rosche (GER).

The universe of winter sports was represented in Munich by BMW Group
Classic Ambassador Katarina Witt (GER), as good as by Olympic luge
bullion medallists Natalie Geisenberger (GER) and Georg Hackl (GER).
Five-time America’s Cup leader Russell Coutts (NZL) and BMW Outdoor
Ambassador Stefan Glowacz (GER) were also anxious by a captivating
programme in a Olympic Hall.

The BMW Group employs some-more than 122,000 staff, who were invited to
follow a uncover during a Olympic Hall around live streaming or during many
internal events during locations around a world. One special prominence for
employees in Munich was a live promote to a Allianz Arena, where
over 30,000 employees watched a launch eventuality unfold. Among those at
a eventuality were Spengler and Tomczyk, who met BMW employees as partial of
a rough programme. In a evening, their associate DTM driver
Farfus met general employees during a BMW Pavillon in Munich city
centre, where he spoke about his ties with BMW. He has raced for BMW
Motorsport given 2007.

Quotes on a Centenary Event in Munich:

Jens Marquardt (BMW Motorsport Director):

“It is a good honour for me to knowledge a centenary of a BMW
Group and BMW code as Motorsport Director. All a employees during BMW
Motorsport are unapproachable to be means to paint BMW during a racetracks of
this world. Motorsport is utterly simply in BMW’s DNA. Motor racing
continues to play a pivotal purpose when it comes to a company’s innovative
strength. Race outings have authorised us to exam new technologies many
times in a toughest probable conditions, before that record is
afterwards incorporated in prolongation development. In this special year, we
will do a pinnacle in all a racing array around a universe to
benefaction BMW with as many victories as probable to symbol a centenary.”

Alex Zanardi (BMW Brand Ambassador):
“I am proud
to have been a member of a BMW family for many years, and it is a
good payoff for me to paint BMW around a creation as Brand
Ambassador. As a physically marred racing driver, we advantage greatly
from a innovative ideas, technological imagination and a bravery to
take new and surprising paths. When it comes to creation a impossible
possible, for example, me competing in a 24-hour race, there are no
boundary to a creativity during BMW. BMW always takes on new challenges
successfully – though this is usually possible, when we are driven by
passion. And this passion is characterizing everybody within a BMW
family. The destiny is exciting.”

Martin Tomczyk (BMW DTM driver):
“Like many of
a 30,000 employees examination a promote of a Centenary Event, I
also schooled my qualification during BMW. To a certain degree, we did my training
to turn a racing motorist in a BMW ADAC Formula Junior Cup in 1998.
Today, we wear a BMW colours in a DTM. For me, it is unequivocally special
to be means to contest with a array 100 on my automobile in this centenary
year. My team, a other BMW drivers in a DTM, and we will do
all in a powers to give a employees copiousness of reason to
applaud in BMW’s centenary year.”

Bruno Spengler (BMW DTM driver):
“Many people
usually see me as Bruno Spengler a racing motorist – a motorist who was
champion when BMW returned to a DTM. In principle, however, we am
also a BMW worker and, of course, a large fan of a brand. we was one
of many in a Allianz Arena when a Centenary Event was broadcast.
The atmosphere among a 30,000 employees was fantastic. We are all
one large family and are celebrating a large arise this year – 100
years of BMW. It is going to be a illusory party.”

Augusto Farfus (BMW DTM driver):
“When BMW
sealed me adult for a 2007 season, we was still rather soppy behind the
ears. But we was full of honour to paint BMW as a racing driver.
Since then, BMW has turn like a family to me. We have enjoyed great
success together – in a FIA WTCC and with a ancestral feat at
a 24-hour foe during a iconic Nürburgring. The dusk eventuality in the
BMW Pavilion showed me once again how clever a bond is between the
employees and BMW. If we could pointer a 100-year agreement during BMW, we would
not demur a second.”

Timo Glock (BMW DTM driver):
“BMW is 100 years
aged currently – and this day belongs to all a BMW drivers, employees and
fans. we am usually like them: BMW also plays a vital purpose in my life. My
initial automobile was a BMW 318ti. we enjoyed my initial successes in motor
racing in a BMW ADAC Formula Junior Cup. When, after 5 years in
Formula One, we was given a possibility to foe for BMW again, we did not
demur for a second and switched to a DTM. That pierce brought me
home again. we wish for BMW that a code maintains a creation and
pioneering suggestion for a successive 100 years – and that it continues to
build such pleasing and discerning racing cars.”

Marco Wittmann (BMW DTM driver):
“It is
implausible that BMW has been successful for 100 years already. For me
personally, a association has played a really special purpose in my career. I
was sponsored in my youth, and in 2014 we distinguished a greatest
success of my racing career so distant together when we won a DTM title.
we am certain that limit performance, joined with a consistent expostulate to
use creation to redefine a limits, will continue to be a feature
of BMW for a successive 100 years. we am unapproachable to be a partial of this
motorsport success story.”

Charly Lamm (Team Principal, BMW Team
“The story of Schnitzer Motorsport is
alone tied to BMW. Our organisation has been racing given a 1960s
and has always had a pretentious partner in BMW, one that builds
illusory GT and furloughed cars. My fondest memories are apparently of
a biggest successes we have enjoyed together: feat during a 24
Hours of Le Mans in 1999, winning a DTM pretension in 1989 and 2012 on
BMW’s lapse to a series, a universe furloughed automobile pretension in 1987, the
pretension in a 2001 American Le Mans Series and, of course, a sum of
10 victories during a 24-hour classics during a Nürburgring and in
Spa-Francorchamps. And there were many some-more good moments. Hopefully
we will have many some-more in a future.”

Dirk Werner (BMW works driver):
“In 2010, BMW
done my dream of holding to a lane as a veteran racing driver
come true. The impulse we listened that we was to be given a agreement as a
BMW works motorist was one of a best of my career. we have an awful lot
to appreciate BMW for and am proud, in each race, to fly a BMW dwindle and
expostulate such illusory racing cars.”

Jörg Müller (BMW works driver):
“BMW is a best
thing to occur to me in my career as a racing driver. We have had
good times together. It goes though observant that a large wins during the
24-hour races and a pretension in a American Le Mans Series mount out,
though we have enjoyed each singular year. we am also unapproachable to be so deeply
endangered in a growth of a new BMW M6 GT3.”

Roberto Ravaglia (former BMW works driver):
associate BMW with a biggest successes of my motorsport career. I
will never forget a 1980s, when we claimed large fantastic
victories together with BMW and Schnitzer Motorsport in a BMW M3.
That was a good time. Today, we am unapproachable still to be means to represent
BMW as organisation principal of ROAL Motorsport.”

Mario Theissen (former BMW Motorsport Director):

“I had a really sparkling and smashing time with BMW. One
sold prominence was Nelson Piquet’s delight in a world
championship in 1983. Back afterwards we was a immature operative during BMW – and
was positively thrilled, usually as a whole association was. The
successive Formula One plan was positively a biggest plea we
faced together. However, we apparently also remember a many fantastic
successes in GT and furloughed automobile racing fondly. Above all, we must
discuss a wins during a 24-hour races in Le Mans and during the
Nürburgring, as good as a titles in a European Touring Car
Championship and World Touring Car Championship. Motorsport and BMW
go together. That was always a case, and it will sojourn that way.”

Jochen Neerpasch (first handling executive of BMW Motorsport
“It was an sparkling time when we founded BMW
Motorsport GmbH in 1972. Every one of us brought a same passion for
racing to a project. Today, zero has altered in that regard.
Since then, BMW racing cars have distinguished large victories and
titles all over a world. we am certain that will sojourn a box for
a successive 100 years.”

Katarina Witt (BMW Group Classic Ambassador):

“As BMW Group Classic Ambassador, we have been advantageous adequate often
to have a event to expostulate fascinating cars from via the
100-year story of BMW. The looks and attract of these cars never fail
to disturb me, though a record is also impressive. You can feel that
BMW has always been brazen of a time, and it will certainly sojourn that
way. we am unapproachable to be partial of a organisation that represents this tellurian group.”

Russell Coutts (five-time America’s Cup
“In a foe there is no foe that
relies on creation and artistic meditative as most as a America’s
Cup. In a story travelling some-more than 160 years, visionary
technologies have invariably pushed a bounds of what is
possible. BMW also represents this multiple of tradition and
creation – that creates a association a ideal ‘Global Partner’ for
a America’s Cup.”

Georg Hackl (Olympic luge champion):
during my time as an active luger we was a tinkler. It was always clear
to me that we can usually grasp good success if we leave no stone
unturned and never stop looking for ways to urge – no matter how
small. This approach, never to be confident with what we have
achieved and always to consider a small bit ahead, is what creates BMW so
special. We during a German Bobsleigh, Luge, and Skeleton Federation are
really unapproachable to have BMW on a side as record partner and are
looking brazen to a successful and innovative destiny together – one
that can happily final another 100 years as distant as I’m concerned.”

Natalie Geisenberger (Olympic luge champion):

“In a ice channel, we not usually have to be discerning though also
efficient. After a start, we athletes can no longer actively
accelerate. The intelligent use of existent resources and, during a same
time, limit dynamics is also something that drives BMW. The results,
such as a BMW i3 and a BMW i8, uncover emphatically that a future
began prolonged ago during BMW.”

Stefan Glowacz (BMW Outdoor Ambassador):
are rediscovering their adore of nature. Outdoor sports are fashionable
and millions of people are spending their convenience time outside. They
wish to be out amid nature, and also to strengthen it. The pivotal difference are
activity and sustainability – and these are also issues, to that BMW
is dedicated. BMW is greatly endangered in a subject of
sustainability. The pioneering purpose in electric mobility is a best
example, though not a usually one.”

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