Meet us in a Motor City: Volkswagen during a Detroit Auto Show

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The North American International Auto Show, affectionately famous as a Detroit Auto Show, has been showcasing a best that a automotive universe has to offer for some-more than 100 years. [Editor’s note: They don’t demeanour a day over 40.] The uncover strictly opens to a open on Saturday, Jan 14th, and if we make it out to a Motor City, be certain to dump by a counter and check out a few of a latest cars and technologies that Volkswagen has to offer.

VW Jetta Hybrid
The all-new Jetta Hybrid debuted during press days and is located on a categorical theatre during a Volkswagen booth. Unlike other Jetta models, a Jetta Hybrid is powered by a high-tech turbocharged gasoline engine that is interconnected with a zero-emissions electric motor. It can also be driven in pristine electric mode during speeds of adult to 44 mph and for adult to 1.2 miles, depending on handling conditions. It’s a world’s initial hybrid to underline a seven-speed dual-clutch involuntary transmission, and it has a class-leading 0-60 mph time of reduction than 9.0 seconds. Sure, it’s a hybrid, though it’s protected to contend that this is not a typical hybrid. The Jetta Hybrid launches in North America in late 2012, so don’t skip your possibility to see it now.

Beetle World
We’ve got something special in store for Beetle fans. Actually, make that 3 somethings: a 2012 Beetle and dual judgment vehicles, a E-Bugster and Fender Beetle. By now, you’re informed with a 2012 Beetle, though feel giveaway to get adult tighten and personal during a uncover and spend some peculiarity with one.

The E-Bugster is an sparkling new judgment vehicle: an open-top two-seater with aggressive, sporty looks powered by an electric heart. Its lithium ion battery enables it to expostulate some-more than 100 miles during a time, all with 0 emissions.

Our other judgment automobile truly rocks. No, really. The Fender Beetle, a partnership between Volkswagen and classical guitar manufacturer Fender, is a ultimate stone and hurl vehicle. Fender’s signature Sunburst coloration lines a cabin’s genuine timber trim, and a Fender sound complement offers a kind of light-colored filigree you’d find on an aged Fender amp. The HVAC controls are metalized to demeanour like selected amp knobs, and best of all, there’s an tangible tube amp on tip of a dash. If all these facilities have we wanting to squeeze your guitar and go for it, feel free. There’s a quarter-inch hollow and tinge adjustments in a induce area, so block in your guitar and play it by a subwoofer.

Think Blue
As partial of a Think Blue beginning of formulating environmentally accessible solutions, enlivening eco-conscious function and contributing to a tolerable future, a categorical theatre also facilities a Think Blue Screen. The interactive touchscreen helps we establish your eco-footprint around a array of questions and lets we know how we can make a change for a better.

Owner’s Lounge
Feeling a small automobile uncover overload? Volkswagen owners are invited to uncover their automobile pivotal for opening into a upstairs Owner’s Lounge. Grab a seat, suffer snacks and refreshments and take in a bird’s-eye perspective of all a action. Once you’re feeling entirely refreshed, check out a whole Volkswagen lineup, including a Golf R, that arrives during dealerships in early 2012, a Passat, aka a 2012 Motor Trend Car of a Year, and a Passat TDI, that facilities purify diesel record and boasts adult to 43 mpg. You can also see a Eos, Tiguan, Touareg Hybrid, Jetta TDI, Jetta Sportwagen, Jetta GLI, and a all-new 2013 CC. They’re all looking brazen to assembly you.

Tell us: what are we looking brazen to seeing?

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