MINI ALL4 Racing wins Hungarian Baja. Mikko Hirvonen // Michel Périn on tip step of podium. Fellow MINI ALL4 Racing organisation of Bryce Menzies // Peter Mortensen secure second place.

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Press release

14 Aug 2016


MINI ALL4 Racing wins Hungarian Baja. Mikko Hirvonen //
Michel Périn
on tip step of podium. Fellow MINI ALL4 Racing organisation of Bryce
Menzies //

Peter Mortensen
secure second place.


Hirvonen wins initial his World Cup cross-country Rally. Two MINI ALL4
Racing on Hungarian Baja lectern is a topping on a cake of this
sold exam and growth session, one of several in a ongoing
concentration on Dakar Rally 2017.


Munich. The 16th book of a Hungarian Baja
resolved currently after a fantastic opening eventuality of a Super Special
Stage (SSS), followed by dual days of serious prolonged stretch rally
movement over 3 Special Stages. The finish outcome of this tough
foe saw MINI ALL4 Racing cars fill a tip dual positions.


MINI ALL4 Racing organisation of Mikko Hirvonen (FIN) and co-driver Michel
Périn (FRA) started a Hungarian Baja with an considerable second place
in a opening Super Special Stage on Friday dusk (12th Sept). By
a finish of Saturday evening, after Special Stages 2 3, the
“Flying Finn” had placed his MINI ALL4 Racing during a conduct of the
personality board.


By gripping a cold conduct and operative in ideal peace with co-driver
Michel Périn, MINI ALL4 Racing #2 finished SS4 of a 675 km eventuality in
initial place with an apparently gay Hirvonen during a wheel…


“We had a good weekend,” pronounced Hirvonen. “Everything went ideally –
nonetheless we did not design a Hungarian Baja to be so demanding, so
difficult, generally when we saw a length of a stages, that I
suspicion were to be some-more like sprints. But they were unequivocally technical
in places and narrow, and with a sleet and sand they valid to be
difficult. But all worked perfectly. I’m unequivocally happy to get my
initial feat with Michel and a MINI ALL4 Racing.”


Bryce Menzies (USA) and co-driver Peter Mortensen (USA) were equally
gay with their second place finish and with good reason: this is
usually a third rival competition for Menzies during a controls of a MINI
ALL4 Racing. Co-driver Mortensen was wearing an even bigger grin at
competition finish since this was his initial marathon convene competition in a MINI ALL4 Racing.


Menzies: “Leading adult to this competition we didn’t know what to expect. It
was unequivocally challenging; from a high speed roads; a trees; and then
a open weed fields where it was unequivocally rough. we consider we did really
well; a whole group and, of course, a MINI ALL4 Racing. I’m looking
brazen to a subsequent rally.”

As a growth event, a Hungarian Baja valid to be an ideal
venue. The incompatible turf supposing useful discernment for the
growth teams of technical use retailer X-raid – but
generally in credentials for a quick coming Dakar convene 2017.


The third member of a MINI ALL4 Racing family, #5 Van Loon Racing,
fell plant to a large, destined hole on Stage 2 (Saturday).
Fortunately, it was usually serious automobile repairs that ruled Dutch pairing
Erik outpost Loon and Wouter Rosegaar out of a rest of a race.


The subsequent competition of a 2016 FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies is
Baja Poland, 25–28th August.


Hungarian Baja
: MINI ALL4 Racing result




Race calendar: 2016 FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies.


19/02 – 22/02 Baja Russia
02/04 – 7/04 Abu Dhabi Desert
17/04 – 22/04 Sealine Cross-Country Rally Qatar
23/06 – 26/06 Italian Baja
22/07 – 24/07 Baja Aragón
– 14/08 HunGarian Baja

25/08 – 28/08 Baja Poland

03/10 – 08/10 Rallye Oilibya du Maroc
21/10 – 23/10 Baja
Portalegre 500


Find reports, photos and videos in high fortitude of prior MINI
ALL4 Racing activity on a BMW Media Website by clicking here.

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