MINI during a Los Angeles Auto Show 2016.

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Presenting a universe premiere and a latest additions to a model
operation during a 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show, MINI not usually moves forward
with a change of era in a indication module though also maintains
a allege into a reward compress segment. The new MINI Countryman
will be on uncover in Los Angeles for a initial time. This all-round
talent offers an considerable boost in interior space, enhanced
pushing fun, innovative apparatus and a polished reward ambience. It is
also a initial indication of a code to be accessible with a plug-in
hybrid drive.

Visitors to a Los Angeles Convention Center will also get to
see a really best of a stream MINI models in a tiny automobile segment
from 18 to 27 November 2016. This relates to both a new
MINI Convertible and a new MINI Seven. The initial pattern indication of the
new era is accessible as a MINI 3 doorway and a MINI 5 door.

The new MINI Countryman: bigger, some-more versatile, more
As a inheritor to a initial premium
compress indication of a brand, a new MINI Countryman has all it
takes to communicate a unrestrained of hallmark MINI pushing fun to
additional aim groups in a future, too. This totally newly
grown indication is 20 centimetres prolonged than a predecessor, has
absolute proportions and in further to a evil raised
seating position, it provides extremely some-more space on a five
fully-fledged seats and luggage compartment. The change of generation
also exhibits transparent advancements in a areas of versatility, sporty
aptitude and reward quality.

In a US automotive market, there are dual absolute petrol
engines to select from for a MINI Countryman, both of that are of
a latest era featuring MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology. Both
engines can be total with a new efficiency-optimised chronicle of
a all-wheel expostulate complement ALL4. In addition, a new MINI Countryman
is a initial indication of a British code to be accessible with a plug-in
hybrid drive. In a form of a MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 it
has a operation of adult to 40 kilometres using on electricity alone.

The observable impression of a new MINI Countryman derives
not slightest from a strenuously fluent pattern and numerous
innovative apparatus features. In and with a discretionary LED
headlamps, a daytime pushing light is constructed for a initial time by
a rope of light using wholly around any headlamp. The 8.8-inch
colour arrangement in a hallmark executive instrument comes with the
MINI navigation complement Professional and now offers a new touchscreen
function. Other new facilities embody a MINI Country Timer, which
registers transport over severe terrain, a fold-out MINI Picnic
Bench, that turns a loading sill of a luggage cell into a
gentle chair for outside breaks, and a MINI Find Mate, which
creates it easy for MINI Countryman drivers to locate bags, keys and
other accessories.

The new MINI
 Cooper Works Clubman:
impassioned pushing fun in a reward compact
The latest era of John Cooper
Works impassioned athletes now also takes a reward compress shred by
storm. The new MINI John Cooper Works Clubman combines a captivating
suggestion with tip total in terms of space, flexibility and
long-distance suitability. The stretched lines of a body, 4 side
doors and evil separate doors yield a contemporary
interpretation of a tradition-steeped sharpened stop concept, with
5 fully-fledged seats and a versatile luggage cell on a inside.

In further to a space concept, a engine judgment of a new
MINI John Cooper Works Clubman also creates it rarely flexible. With the
many absolute engine ever to be found in a MINI, a all-wheel drive
complement ALL4 as customary and cessation record geared towards the
really top opening properties, it is both means to accommodate the
different final of day-to-day trade and arise to a hurdles posed
by a competition track. What is more, a disdainful pattern and equipment
facilities set it clearly detached from a other indication variants of a new
MINI Clubman.

The new MINI Seven: stylish pushing fun with traditional
The latest captivate in a tiny car
shred is a new MINI Seven. This pattern indication particularly
highlights a British origins, extrovert appeal, hallmark pushing fun
and reward impression of a new MINI generation.

A resisting paint finish for a roof and extraneous counterpart caps
in a various Melting Silver, disdainful carp stripes and deco
elements as good as 17-inch light amalgamate wheels in MINI Seven two-tone
pattern underscore a model’s particular character on a exterior.
Exclusive accentuations in a interior generally embody sports
seats in a fabric/leather multiple Diamond Malt Brown, created
privately for a pattern model.


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