MINI during a New York International Auto Show 2016.

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The British reward code MINI presents dual new attractive
member of a indication module with dual universe premieres during the
New York International Auto Show 2016. The engine uncover on a East
Coast of a USA provides a sourroundings for a world’s initial public
coming of a new MINI John Cooper Works Convertible and a new
MINI Clubman ALL4. The dual new additions simulate a offer expanded
spectrum of options for enjoying evil MINI pushing fun. John
Cooper Works lines adult a second tip contestant of a new model
era in a form of a MINI John Cooper Works Convertible,
while a MINI Clubman ALL4 combines a really latest MINI feeling with
all-wheel drive.

The New York International Auto Show was determined as prolonged ago
as 1900 and has been hold during a Jacob Javits Convention Center since
2000. Current models, products and technologies will be showcased here
from 25 Mar to 3 Apr 2016. The coming of MINI in a heart of
Manhattan offers visitors a event to familiarize themselves
not usually with a dual new models though also with a whole indication family
as good as new offers in a module of discretionary apparatus and accessories.

The new MINI John Cooper Works Convertible: outstanding
pushing fun and heated alfresco pleasure.
As the
second John Cooper Works indication of a latest generation, a new MINI
John Cooper Works Convertible combines intensely sporty properties
with a polished qualities of a new MINI Convertible. With engine
and cessation record optimised for a racetrack as good as
particular pattern and apparatus features, a new book of a MINI
John Cooper Works Convertible offers a many disdainful approach of
mixing racetrack feeling with alfresco pleasure. The British
brand’s many absolute engine with an outlay of 228 hp provides a
powerful, extemporaneous response and a thrilling, romantic sound.
Taking only 18 seconds to open or close, a soothing tip is fully
electrically powered for a initial time so it is now especially
low-noise. It terms of styling, a elongated conformation and the
strenuously modelled surfaces are supplemented with disdainful design
elements to optimise cooling atmosphere intake and aerodynamics. The
cessation record set-up formed on racing imagination and
convertible-specific fresh elements safeguard glorious lively and
precisely tranquil handling. Advancements over a prototype model
are also reflected in a new MINI John Cooper Works Convertible not
only in terms of acceleration total though also from a indicate of view
of space comfort and a reward characteristics of a interior,
where a rollover bars that extend automatically if indispensable are now
entirely integrated behind a back seats.

The energy is generated by a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine fitted
with MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology that offers 20 hp some-more output
than a prototype model. The tip contestant has an outlay that is 39
hp aloft than that of a new MINI Cooper S Convertible. With the
customary 6-speed primer transmission, a British contestant accelerates
in 6.4 seconds to 60 mph, creation it 0.2 seconds faster than its
predecessor. When versed with a discretionary 6-speed Steptronic sports
transmission, a scurry takes only 6.3 seconds (0.5 seconds less).
The car’s superb opening total with pushing properties
that sojourn magnificently underneath control even when travelling in an
intensely sporty character get from a precisely fabricated overall
package that also comprises a sports empty system, a sports
suspension, 17-inch John Cooper Works light amalgamate wheels and a sports
stop complement grown in partnership with a specialist
manufacturer Brembo. The car’s energetic coming is dull off with
a John Cooper Works Aerodynamics Kit and a particular interior
pattern featuring John Cooper Works sports seats.

The disdainful interest of a new MINI John Cooper Works
Convertible is also reflected in an endless operation of standard
features. Air conditioning and a Radio MINI Boost, LED headlights,
a MINI Driving Modes and Park Distance Control are only some of the
elements that come as standard. Even larger pushing fun, comfort and
particular character is supposing by special options accessible in addition
to a new special apparatus facilities accessible for a MINI
Convertible as good as a operation of John Cooper Works Tuning
accessories. Exclusive options for a John Cooper Works models
embody a physique finish in a various Rebel Green, 18-inch John
Cooper Works light amalgamate wheels and carp stripes.

The new MINI Clubman ALL4: autarchic opening in every
Hallmark code pushing fun and MINI feeling
can now be gifted in multiple with all-wheel expostulate in a new
MINI Clubman ALL4. The new era of a all-wheel expostulate system
ALL4 with electrohydraulic control sees a premiere in dual versions
of a largest and many versatile MINI model. A new pattern principle
featuring energy take-off shelf rigging on a front pivot with a
dual-section propeller missile and Hang-On multidisc purchase in a rear
spindle differential provides a ideal choice and further to the
customary MINI front-wheel drive. The accurate placement of drive
torque between a front and back wheels to fit a stream situation
on a highway is taken caring of by a fact that a ALL4 control territory is
companion with a Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system. This
enables a quick response to changes in pushing character or highway surface
and ensures intensely sporty doing and autarchic traction in all
conditions. Two quite absolute engines with MINI TwinPower
Turbo Technology total with primer and Steptronic transmissions
safeguard energetic bearing in a new MINI Clubman ALL4. The MINI Cooper S
Clubman ALL4 has a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder petrol engine (189 hp), while
a MINI Cooper Clubman ALL4 is powered by a 1.5-litre 3-cylinder
petrol engine (134 hp), any of that come as customary with a 6-speed
primer delivery or optionally with an 8-speed Steptronic transmission.

In terms of a suspension, a new MINI Clubman ALL4 combines
hallmark code go-kart feeling with protected pushing properties and
autarchic comfort during all times. This is enabled by cessation technology
that is singular within a rival environment, comprising a
single-joint strut front spindle and a multilink back axle. What is more,
a MINI Clubman ALL4 is propitious as customary with Dynamic Stability
Control (DSC) including Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), Electronic
Differential Lock Control (EDLC) and Performance Control, as good as
17-inch light amalgamate wheels. The new MINI Clubman ALL4 derives its
flexibility from 4 side doors, back separate doors that open sideways,
5 seats and a luggage cell volume of between 360 litres
(17.5 cubic feet) and 1250 litres (47.9 cubic feet). The operation of body
paint finishes has also been extended to embody a various Digital
Blue metallic. Distinctive character inside a automobile is supposing by a
dashboard with cockpit facia support in a tip section, while a
endless operation of instruments reserve a far-reaching accumulation of information.

Driving fun, comfort and particular character can be extended even
offer with a endless operation of discretionary equipment. In further to
a MINI Driving Modes for an particular automobile set-up, other modern
motorist assistance systems are accessible such as MINI Head-Up-Display,
Parking Assistant, back perspective camera and Driving Assistant. The broad
operation is dull off with LED headlights and LED haze lamps as good as
a vast series of other apparatus options, including John Cooper Works
and MINI Yours facilities – not to discuss a stream MINI Connected
in-car infotainment program.

The MINI indication program: still on march for success with even
larger diversity.
With a new models on uncover during the
New York International Auto Show 2016, a latest MINI generation
reflects a turn of farrago that enables pushing fun in virtually
all a facets. So MINI is clearly set to continue a success story
on a American automotive market. In a new generation, a original
in a reward shred of tiny cars is now accessible in a USA, too,
as both a MINI 3 doorway and a MINI 5 door. Based on a classic
3-door indication various and a MINI Convertible, there is also the
intensely sporty MINI John Cooper Works and a MINI John Cooper Works
Convertible. These dual tip athletes are a many absolute serial
prolongation vehicles of a code ever to be produced. Typical MINI
pushing fun and particular character over a tiny automobile shred is
supposing by a MINI Countryman. As a initial MINI with 4 doors, a
vast tailgate, 5 seats and discretionary ALL4 all-wheel drive, for the
final 5 years this all-rounder has further done a significant
grant to a success of a code in a US market. It has
combined support here from a fashionable and sporty MINI Paceman, the
initial Sports Activity Coupé in a reward compress segment. Both
models also offer as a basement for dual other impassioned athletes: the
MINI John Cooper Works Countryman and a MINI John Cooper Works
Paceman offer expostulate and cessation record grown on a basis
of racing expertise, all-wheel expostulate as customary and a striking
extraneous and interior design. The MINI Clubman also transfers the
properties of a latest indication era to a reward compact
segment. It offers a top turn of bland practicality,
long-distance suitability, flexibility and float comfort ever available
in a MINI, and as a MINI Clubman ALL4 it now also advantages from
all-wheel drive.

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