MINI FASHION – FIELD NOTES. MINI and The Woolmark Company benefaction Capsule Collection during Pitti Uomo 94 in Florence.

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Munich/Florence. MINI is presenting a new Capsule
Collection billed MINI FASHION FIELD NOTES Capsule Collection during Pitti
Uomo 94 (12 – 15 Jun 2018), one of a heading fairs worldwide for
men’s conform and lifestyle. The limited-run collection is a result
of a partnership between MINI and The Woolmark Company dedicated
essentially to compelling immature and gifted designers. The 16-piece MINI
FASHION FIELD NOTES Capsule Collection sees a party of up-and-coming
general designers translating personal memories from travelling
into conform pieces regulating a excellent Merino wool. Inspiring products
for a civic traveller are a result.

“Transcending borders” – a using thesis of MINI FASHION.

“Travelling for us amounts to some-more than usually stepping over
earthy borders, going from A to B; it’s about a practice and
a blurring of a lines between feelings, cultures and
perspectives,” explains Sabine Ringel, Creative Lead MINI FASHION. The
products of a new Capsule Collection lend form to unequivocally personal
experiences. All 4 designers have sourced impulse from trips to
unfamiliar cities – and woven a encounters and stories they’ve picked
adult along a approach into panoply for a collection.

Eye-catching conform equipment demonstrate a suggestion of a urban
The designers concerned in a MINI FASHION
FIELD NOTES Capsule Collection – Liam Hodges (UK), Staffonly (China),
PH5 (USA) and Rike Feurstein (D) – are among a many sparkling new
names on a conform scene. And many of them being alumni of the
International Woolmark Prize, one of a world’s many eminent awards
for rising stars of a conform world. The products enclosed in the
new plug collection simulate a practice of Hodges, Staffonly,
PH5 and Feurstein on their travels – regulating a accumulation of colours, forms
and element composition, and featuring contemporary, innovative uses
of nap as a principal material.

Liam Hodges, UK.
British engineer Liam Hodges
lives and works in London. His work draws abounding impulse from modern
sub-cultures, hip-hop skatewear, UK streetwear and post-punk –
influences he fuses into punchy and multi-layered statements.
Signature elements embody far-reaching silhouettes, patch operative and
references to hard-wearing workwear and sportswear. These
characteristics also underline in his pieces for a MINI FASHION FIELD
NOTES Capsule Collection, that tell a stories of his encounters in
New York City. “The initial time we visited New York, it was as a kid
with my relatives and we usually unequivocally got to know Manhattan. So a second
time we went there – this time as an adult – we was dynamic to check
out Brooklyn and a other districts around a city. Although
all was new and exciting, we had a feeling I’d been there
before – a arrange of déjà vu. It was roughly uncanny.” His designs for
MINI FASHION also have a hold of a new nonetheless familiar, giving
classics such as jeans, denim jackets and long-sleeves something fresh
and new to contend by a use of nap (and generally Wool Denim).
Rounding off Hodges’ six-piece demeanour is a automobile coat, a bucket shawl and a
transport tote done from a water-repellent connected nap fabric with
exemplary Prince of Wales check.

Staffonly, China.
Shimo Zhou and Une Yea founded
a still immature tag Staffonly in Shanghai in 2015. Their thought and
ideal of conform mix record and pattern with experiments on
materials and colours for an mocking and provocative take on the
thesis that is extended by startling and sculpted silhouettes. Their
designs secrete oddity and a clarity of humour, not to discuss the
arrogance to idle bounds and try a universe still unknown.
All unequivocally MINI FASHION, in other words. Their creations for a MINI
FASHION FIELD NOTES Capsule Collection concentration on Greenwich Park in
England, a bolthole of satisfaction for a designers during their
studies in London. “Greenwich is a home of time. It’s an idyllic,
roughly enchanting place with a smashing perspective over London,” muse
Staffonly as they explain a credentials to their collection. “It’s
a ideal place to shun a city on a coax of a moment. The
greenness, a smell of creatively cut grass, Earl Grey tea and scones
remind us of a special times we spent there.” The sensuous immature of the
Greenwich Park lawns provides a executive colour thesis for this
grant to a limited-edition collection. And a Meridian Line
using by a park brings to mind a Bonnet Stripes on a MINI.
These dual elements form a joining thesis for Staffonly’s ensemble
of jacket, shirt and patchwork jeans. One of a highlights of their
origination is a relating duffle bag, that also serves as a garment
bag and therefore provides a rather accessible appendage for any civic traveller.

Brought to life by Wei Lin – the
daughter of a vast knitwear manufacturer – and award-winning designer
Mijia Zhangin in New York in 2014, PH5 majors in modernized contemporary
knitwear. The tag hurdles a required prophesy of knitwear by
marrying dainty designs with architectural measure of innovative
needlework techniques. PH5 sets out to emanate boundary-breaking knitwear
with a new and witty twist. Their pieces for a MINI FASHION FIELD
NOTES Capsule Collection are desirous by a Art Deco District of
Miami Beach. “When we initial set eyes on these monumental buildings,
it was a unequivocally special, somewhat uncanny feeling: a clever clarity of
excitement, yes, though during a same time peaceful and roughly understated.
Art Deco is a hugely successful pattern transformation for me. The design
and workmanship concerned in a structures and textures are
extraordinary, though a colours and emblem have also guided me in
most of my pattern decision-making,” offers Mijia Zhangin by approach of
backstory for a PH5 designs. The same multiple of pastel colours
and special technical pattern facilities can also be found in the
Jacquard woven nap sweater with MINI and PH5 logos, sleeveless
knitted jumpsuit and hand-crocheted shawl, that doubles adult as a
transport rug.

Rike Feurstein, Germany.
The work of Berlin
engineer Rike Feurstein explores a excellent line between art and
fashion. Deeply secure in a roughly archaic qualification of millinery, Rike
sculpts hats and wardrobe in fashionable shapes. With a penetrating painterly
eye, she experiments with startling colour combinations, invents new
kinds of aspect structures and plays with surrealist details, thus
formulating contemporary, disdainful and superb garments and accessories.
Her 3 pieces for a MINI FASHION FIELD NOTES Capsule Collection
pull on impressions from a outing to Russia – and in sold the
Catherine Palace south of St. Petersburg, a strange home to the
mythological Amber Room. “When it came to a aesthetics of form in my
designs for a collection, we looked behind to a time of a Russian
Revolution over 100 years ago. They move together pre- and
post-revolutionary elements with a complicated cultured of my current
operation of felt hats. The colour intrigue uses gemstone colours such as
amber (for a Newsboy Cap), garnet (Bowler Hat) and emerald (Modern
Base Cap) to applaud a elegance of a Catherine Palace.”

Limited book – accessible online from this
FIELD NOTES is a fourth MINI FASHION Capsule
Collection and epitomises a MINI brand’s open and optimistic
mindset. The collection will be on uncover during Pitti Uomo 94 in Florence,
Italy from 12 – 15 Jun 2018, and online accessible for squeeze in
singular numbers from this autumn.

MINI and Pitti
Pitti Immagine is an annual
fashion-centric uncover hold in Italy. The Pitti Uomo fair, meanwhile,
that focuses exclusively on men’s fashion, has taken place in
Florence twice a year given 1972. Both events foster young, aspiring
and infrequently radical conform labels. In Jan 2015, MINI and
Pitti Immagine began an ongoing partnership that highlights their
common passion for innovation, courtesy to fact and quality, not to
discuss a ability to expect new trends.

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