MINI reveals new MINI John Cooper Works Rally – a latest MINI Motorsport hulk in a universe of cross-country rally.

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Press release

16 Nov 2016


MINI reveals new MINI John Cooper Works Rally – a latest
MINI Motorsport hulk in a universe of cross-country rally.


MINI premieres a subsequent large thing in MINI Motorsport’s distinguished
history, a all new MINI John Cooper Works Rally. First competitive
incursion for a new star is a 2017 Dakar Rally.


Munich. Today MINI is gratified to announce a start
of a new section in a long, shining motorsport story with the
introduction of a latest in a prolonged line of cross-country convene car
greats: a MINI John Cooper Works Rally. Now there is a new MINI
champion in a making…


MINI John Cooper Works Rally: racing forward into a future


The introduction of a all-new MINI John Cooper Works Rally
underlines MINI Motorsport’s long-term joining to a involvement
in motorsport generally in a locus of rally-raid and a FIA World
Cup, a mythological Dakar Rally and a latest long-distance endurance
plea of a Silk Way Rally.


The 2017 MINI John Cooper Works Rally is an sparkling new development
from MINI and X-raid and unfailing to repeat foe success achieved so
far. Based on a all-new MINI Countryman, a sporting dynamics
straightforwardly supposing a height for a new MINI John Cooper Works Rally
and a purpose as a dilettante cross-country convene car.


To furnish a automobile means to successfully tackle and tarry a rigours
of cross-country convene is a plea in itself. However, a MINI
John Cooper Works Rally has been designed and assembled to achieve
and surpass a same turn of success as a prior automobile interjection to an
harsh growth programme.


The MINI John Cooper Works Rally will also be theme to constant
growth around motorsport partner X-raid in sequence for a new MINI
John Cooper Works Rally to turn as winning and iconic in the
cross-country convene universe as a predecessor. At a same time,
technical feedback gained from a racing growth programme can,
of course, be used to serve assist trustworthiness and performance
programmes in all aspects of MINI prolongation cars.


MINI John Cooper Works Rally: some-more is better


MINI John Cooper Works Rally is a new racing automobile and a outcome of an
endless growth by racing knowledge of a existent MINI
ALL4 Racing. Based on a new MINI Countryman; a automobile has been
blending to fit a compulsory reserve mandate and a stream race
regulations as laid out by motorsport’s ruling physique Fédération
Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).


During a MINI John Cooper Works Rally design, growth and build
processes, many pivotal areas came underneath inspection and have been
extensively reworked when compared to a former cross-country rally
car. The following pivotal areas have been priority subjects to broach a
totally new challenging racing package.


  • Aerodynamics
  • Thermal management
  • Weight distribution
  • Lower core of gravity
  • Modified framework support design
  • New engine mapping


The above areas were theme to many hours of pattern and simulation
tests to safeguard a MINI John Cooper Works Rally delivers improved
opening with revoke fuel consumption. The changes also delivered a
really certain outcome on a drivability of a automobile from gains done in
stability, traction and agility. When faced with all demeanour of terrain
and pushing conditions – from sleet to sleet to dull dry conditions,
from soothing silt to low soppy mud, from 3,000 metre above sea level
towering marks to hollow stream beds –improvement in framework and
engine fact is hugely beneficial.




The extraneous of a MINI John Cooper Works Rally replicates MINI
Countryman and, therefore, MINI standard doing lively for racing
use. It is also one of a areas of a automobile that has perceived special
courtesy from X-raid technicians. Many hours spent in a BMW Group
Wind Tunnel with in residence engine sports specialists have resulted in
aerodynamic detailing to extremely revoke drag.


Because a altogether measure of a MINI John Cooper Works Rally
are a same (1:1) to a former convene car, and that engine
opening and altogether automobile weight is, as in prior years,
dynamic by FIA regulations, a softened aerodynamics of MINI John
Cooper Works Rally are critical for softened tip speed on flat, open
route sections and a compulsory fortitude during speed. Reduced fuel
expenditure and softened subsystem cooling is also gifted with the
softened aerodynamics.


Composite bodywork e.g. CO twine and Kevlar is used for a MINI
John Cooper Works Rally outdoor shell, while a honeycomb brew of a same
materials is used for an underside tier. The use of such materials is
threefold: 1) strength and continuance – ideal for additional safety
insurance of a two-man organisation 2) reduced weight with greater
strength, and 3) panels are simply private or transposed during
servicing durations or if damaged.


The underside tier now houses all 3 of a allotted 3 spare
tyre // circle combinations and dual hydraulic jacks operated from
within a cabin. Previously usually dual gangling wheels were carried in the
underside. By relocating a third from a foot space to underneath, a
revoke CG was performed along with a change in weight placement to
urge fortitude and compared pushing dynamics.


With a appearance of a new MINI John Cooper Works Rally, new
colourways and styling cues are being introduced in gripping with the
sporting position of a John Cooper Works highway automobile range. It will
underline a disdainful MINI John Cooper Works physique colour Rebel Green
with a disdainful MINI John Cooper Works contrariety roof colour Chili
Red as good as new designed Sport stripes. Further MINI physique colours
for a X-raid aspirant cars are Chili Red, White Silver and Light
White. The extraneous pattern has been grown in tighten collaboration
with a MINI Design team. Thus, a strange imperishable and vertical
extraneous pattern of a new MINI Countryman was eliminated to the
foe cars, such as bumpers, grille, bonnet, side and tail
geometries, lights, roof rails and side scuttles. A new character of
racing amalgamate circle is also to underline during pivotal times during events and
is subsequent from a John Cooper Works appendage circle collection.


The strange pattern of a all-new MINI Countryman was transferred
into MINI John Cooper Works Rally by emphasizing a categorical features.
The pattern group were conceptualizing to ‘form follows function’, by
eloquent changing a original. The fluent buffer flares are
stressing a crease-lines that are really evil on a new
MINI Countryman. The physique itself is a lot wider on a fenders, which
is assisting to confederate an air-outlet in front of a doors.


The fluent hood was lowered for a softened prominence for the
drivers, by enhancing a landscaping of fenders and energy dome, and
a imperishable looking John Cooper Works ALL4 Exterior Optic Pack
was blending to fit a car. The side covers for the
underside tier housing a gangling wheels are new “Rocker panels” and
form a new pattern idol of a MINI John Cooper Works Rally.


An fluent atmosphere estuary is integrated in a roof geometry, framed by
a strange roof racks. The back is arrangement a MINI typically
cascading, a poised position and an interpretation of a All4 Pack.


Chassis and framework components:


To safeguard a reserve of a organisation and in suitability with regulations,
a framework support of a MINI John Cooper Works Rally is transposed with
a dilettante support assembled from tubular steel to aerospace
standards. Designed privately for a final of cross-country
racing, a support is assembled to harsh standards by CP Autosport.


While a categorical framework carries a covering bodywork and yield the
skeleton for driveline components it is a pursuit of a front subframe to
support a engine.  MINI Motorsport partner X-raid devised this
subframe to be removable. Such is a pattern of a framework and the
new subframe; finish engine removal, if required, can be completed
in usually over one hour.


Suspension is supposing by specialists Reiger Racing Suspension. Each
spindle rides on 4 entirely tractable cessation units (two per wheel)
providing a slight 250mm circle travel. Six-piston calipers
all-round act on 320mm vented steel discs. To safeguard consistent
braking opening while underneath a highlight of racing conditions for
hours on finish in high ambient temperatures, a back stop calipers are
atmosphere and water-cooled.


Engine and gearbox:


Exemplary engine opening in terms of response, energy // torque
smoothness and ultimate trustworthiness is supposing by a BMW Group TwinPower
Turbo Six-Cylinder Diesel engine. Designed with continuation competition
in mind, a 2993 cc dry sump engine produces 340hp @ 3250 rpm, and
torque of approx. 800 Nm @ 1850 rpm with a regulatory 38mm air
restrictor in place.


The use of a BMW Group Twin Power Turbo Technology is an obvious
choice for a MINI John Cooper Works Rally within a BMW Group
engines’ family. The absolute and torque-laden engine is foe proven
section that has prisoner MINI many vital victories. Delivering peak
opening during low rpm contributes to a reputation trustworthiness and is
ideal for all turf conditions from uphill, hilly trails to wide
open WRC-like mill lonesome tracks. Its meekness is also an
advantage on dried sands. Low fuel expenditure of a race-tuned diesel
engine is also an critical consideration.


Improved fuel expenditure also comes with a use of new engine
government mapping. Many hours of contrast has realised even greater
intensity in racing conditions generally during altitude.


The 2017 Dakar Rally will take in Bolivian towering sections approx.
3,000 metres above sea level. Reduced oxygen calm during such heights
not usually dramatically affects a approach a physique and mind works, though also
a approach an engine breathes and can exceedingly bushel engine performance.
To entirely realize engine opening during all times, a new engine
mapping ensures a influence of a MINI John Cooper Works Rally’s
drivability and performance.


The MINI John Cooper Works Rally retains a rarely regarded ALL4
racing driveline to place it within a 4×4 racing difficulty that has
seen MINI Motorsport browbeat cross-country convene foe in
new years.


The driveline facilities an AP Racing purchase total with a six-speed
SADEV uninterrupted gearbox. Lockable, oil-cooled Xtrac front and rear
diffs with a executive SADEV section to broach limit engine performance
during all times regardless of a turf and racing conditions.


Also assisting to stir a blood of MINI Motorsport and MINI John
Cooper Works fans will be a empty tinge of a MINI John Cooper
Works Rally. The Akrapovič empty is a new pattern with back outlet.




The cabin interior has been renewed. A CO twine dashboard area
consists of 3 sections: driver, executive and co-driver info units
displaying essential info. The motorist has comparison rigging arrangement and
LED readout for RPM and rigging ratio change alert. Speed, oil pressure,
liquid temperatures and electronic functions are displayed on the
executive dashboard to capacitate both organisation members to view. All
maritime systems are located on a co-driver’s dashboard.


MINI John Cooper Works Rally: a foe continues


Ongoing exam and growth work is peerless to racing success. The
new MINI John Cooper Works Rally is currently undergoing final testing
forward of a 2017 Dakar Rally – a ultimate in prolonged distance
cross-country continuation rallies – and will be a concentration of X-raid
staff and MINI engineers via a lifetime.


Talking about a new MINI John Cooper Works Rally, Sebastian
Mackensen, Senior Vice President MINI, said:


“MINI and X-raid is a mythological partnership. Together we have shaped
today’s abounding sporting birthright of this famous British code with the
4 victories in a quarrel during a Dakar and of a FIA Cross Country
World Cup from 2012 to 2015 and we wish to continue in a same
instruction and infer a authentic racing cunning of John Cooper
Works. With a realization of a new MINI John Cooper Works Rally,
MINI is ideally placed to extend a sporting achievements.”


“Introducing a famed MINI John Cooper Works sub-brand within the
sparkling arenas of convene raid, cross-county convene and a endurance
hurdles of a Dakar Rally and Silk Way Rally seals MINI’s
joining to this fantastic and constrained motorsport. This racing
suggestion will always be a partial of MINI’s genes and products.


“The rival entrance of a MINI John Cooper Works Rally during the
2017 Dakar Rally is a tough entrance indeed. The Dakar Rally is the
summary of long-distance rally, where a rival highlight placed on
male and appurtenance is like no other though ideally represents a sporting
suggestion of MINI Motorsport and a John Cooper Works sub-brand.”


X-raid is motorsport partner to MINI and pivotal to a complicated day
racing success by providing a compulsory foe support. Sven Quandt,
CEO, X-raid pronounced during a exhibit of a new MINI John Cooper Works Rally:


“The all-new MINI John Cooper Works Rally is apparently great; is
totally opposite to a prototype indication we built on and
developed; it’s a automobile formed on consummate growth as good in the
breeze tunnel. We have achieved softened aerodynamics from this and, along
with other new features; we have softened opening from this car.


“One of a advantages of breeze hovel growth is a aloft top
speed and softened acceleration from 140 km/h upwards – these were
essential areas for improvement. The centre of sobriety has left down
almost – we placed about 50 kilos downwards by some 50
centimetres in a centre of a car, that helps a doing and
creates a automobile most some-more gentle over all forms of terrain, and
aids a doing on a convene lane with lots of corners. In all: a
extensive new and sparkling package.”



MINI John Cooper Works Rally: technical specifications


  • Engine: BMW Group TwinPower Turbo Six-Cylinder Diesel
  • Output: 340 bhp / 3250 rpm
  • Torque (approx.): 800 Nm / 1850 rpm
  • Capacity: 2993 cc
  • Air restrictor: 38 mm diameter
  • Top speed (approx.): 184 km/h
  • Transmission: six-speed uninterrupted gearbox
  • Braking: 4 x six-piston calipers – air-cooled front, atmosphere /
    water-cooled rear. Discs: 320 x 32 mm
  • Length / breadth / height: 4350 / 1999 / 2000 mm
  • Wheel base: 2900 mm
  • Track width: 1736 mm
  • Weight: 1952,5 kg
  • Fuel tank ability (approx): 385 litres
  • Chassis: tubular steel with multiple bodywork
  • Tyres: BF Goodrich 245/80R 16



MINI, birthright in Motorsport


In a 1960s, tuner and foe automobile writer John Cooper became a
domicile name with his powerful, sporting Mini Cooper S. In short,
John Cooper remade a good British small-car into a sporting
fable with success in many general and inhabitant convene series.
The code Mini subsequently became synonymous with rally-sport.


The abounding birthright of race-proven MINI opening lives on with
today’s MINI John Cooper Works operation of MINI cars. When a initial new
genre of British-manufactured MINI Cooper cars seemed in 2001, it
was apparent a relaunched code had hereditary motorsport traits from
a famous namesake. Together with engine tuning, member upgrades
and artistic styling cues accessible with a MINI John Cooper Works
range, MINI and motorsport are a discriminating multiple that will
continue to gleam as MINI Motorsport


Despite really brief growth time, MINI Motorsport with a MINI
ALL4 Racing – subsequent from a 2012 John Cooper Works Countryman –
achieved implausible racing success in a universe of cross-country
rally. The toughest plea of this motorsport fortify is,
but doubt, a race-of-all-races – a annual, long-distance
rally-raid that is famous as a Dakar Rally.


Such was a luminosity and eventually a supremacy of this racing
car, in a gifted hands of convene specialists X-raid and driven
by ardent racing crews of a MINI ALL4 Racing family, these cars
went on to win “The Dakar” over 4 uninterrupted years: 2012, 2013,
2014 and 2015. In 2016, MINI steady a standing of leader of the
four-wheel expostulate ranking.


Competing within a FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup, MINI again
demonstrated how success breeds success. Following a initial World Cup
win in 2012, this success was steady over a subsequent 3 years
(2013-2015) most to a dismay of a competition.


Find reports, photos and videos in high fortitude of MINI motorsport
activity on a BMW Group Media Website by clicking here.

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