Mountain legend: Taking a Mercedes-Benz Tourismo K adult a Mont Ventoux.

Posted on 01. Sep, 2018 by in Mercedes-Benz Canada

Arrived during a summit, an strenuous 360-degree scenery awaits a visitors: on one side a Rhône valley, on a other a Luberon towering range, and in transparent continue a perspective even stretches to a Mediterranean Sea scarcely 100 kilometres away. Yet as monumental as a perspective might be, a clever breeze and a really uninformed temperatures even during a tallness of summer do not entice we to linger. And so manager motorist Jacques Roux shortly lets a Mercedes-Benz Tourismo K hurl behind down a high mountain, a speed kindly tempered by a retarder, usually to ramble a small after by those vineyards and perfumed lavender fields, with that a traveller offices like to publicize Provence so much.

The track to Mont Ventoux is 21.3 kilometres long, has 1,600 metres of ascent, a 7.6 per cent normal slip and a 13.9 per cent steepest incline.

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