MrJWW presents a A-Class 2018 (Part 2): MBUX & Connectivity.

Posted on 31. Aug, 2018 by in Mercedes-Benz Canada

YouTube pro MrJWW puts a insubordinate MBUX infotainment complement of a A-Class by it’s paces. The new A-Class talks back! Just try a discerning “Hey Mercedes!” to activate LINGUATRONIC.

Conventional voice control systems in cars call for certain bound commands from their users. Thanks to healthy debate recognition, MBUX’s LINGUATRONIC, on a other hand, obeys probably each command, recognises and understands scarcely all sentences from a fields of infotainment and car operation. For example, “Will a object be resplendent tomorrow in Split?” is now accepted equally as good as “Will a continue be excellent in Split tomorrow?”.

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