New 3D record during a premiere of a Audi A3 in Geneva

Posted on 05. Mar, 2012 by in Audi Canada

The Audi vaunt during a Geneva Motor Show is a universe premiere for dual reasons: a new Audi A3 and a radical “A3 Dimension” record that will be used to benefaction it on Tuesday. It offers a three-dimensional video arrangement in an rare peculiarity and size. The 3D film “Where’s Rocky?” – that centers around bureau motorist Mike Rockenfeller as a protagonist – will be shown.

The video arrangement wall for A3 Dimension consists of 25 displays that yield a singular spatial sense of a 3D film. The new record allows three-dimensional images to be presented with larger luminosity and clarity. People and objects seem to viewers as picturesque pop-outs and seem tighten adequate to touch. “A3 Dimension gives a automobile an coming that appeals to a senses. Structures and surfaces seem substantial and exhibit a peculiarity of a products,” pronounced Florian Otto, Project Manager of 3D Audi Communications.

Mike Rockenfeller, DTM motorist and leader of Le Mans in 2010, plays a starring purpose in a film. The film shave for a muster asks “Where’s Rocky?” and shows Rockenfeller inspecting a new Audi A3 in a unconventional laboratory. After an Audi operative presents a new Audi bond features, Rockenfeller creates his approach to a racetrack. When he arrives, he surprises a other participants in a training competition with a worldly record of his new “company car.” The video was filmed in Germany and Spain.

“With A3 Dimension, we are regulating an innovative record that represents a new era of a Audi A3. The 3D films concede a cars to be gifted boldly and in suit during a muster stand. This sold form of display has never been seen before,” emphasized Toni Melfi, Head of Communications for AUDI AG.

Along with a brief film, an “A3 Dimension” media uncover will also be presented in Geneva on Mar 6 and 7. “Code of a Future” is a thesis of a eight-minute audiovisual 3D portrayal: The new facilities of a Audi A3 are lined adult along a DNA strands of destiny mobility.


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