New Audi atmosphere conditioning filter brings service to allergy sufferers

Posted on 18. May, 2016 by in Audi Canada

A new atmosphere conditioning filter will be used in a Audi A1, A3, Q3 and TT indication array commencement in June. The new Audi Q2 will be versed with a filter during marketplace launch. Customers can also have their cars in a particular indication array retrofitted with a new filter as partial of their frequently scheduled use intervals.

The filter is accessible in dual versions, any of that comprises 3 layers. They work differently, however. What creates them special is a new outdoor conduit layer, that now facilities an additional anti-allergen effect. One various reduces allergens by means of plant-derived, bioactive substances called polyphenols, that insert themselves to a receptors of a allergens. The other uses a alteration of a protein structure to grasp a preferred affect. Independent tests by specialized contrast institutions such as SGS Fresenius, that investigates a allergenic properties, and Fiatec GmbH, that tests a filter properties, endorse a high efficacy of a new Audi filters.

The dual layers benefaction in existent filters also make a poignant grant to a high atmosphere peculiarity in a interior. The filtration covering done adult of special microfibers removes even a minute of particulates from a air. Gaseous impurities are trapped in a activated CO layer.

A extensive dimensions array papers a high efficacy of a filter system. The arrangement of a layers ensures superb subdivision opening and conditioner atmosphere throughput over a life of a filter.

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