New Corvette C7.R Shares Tech with New Z06

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New Corvette C7.R Shares Tech with New Z06






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DETROIT – Chevrolet currently denounced a Corvette C7.R foe car, that was co-developed with a all-new 2015 Corvette Z06. They paint a closest couple in complicated times between Corvettes built for racing and a road, pity rare levels of engineering and components including framework architecture, engine technologies and aerodynamic strategies.

“When it comes to continuation racing, Corvette has been a benchmark of success for scarcely 15 years,” pronounced Jim Campbell, U.S. clamp president, Performance Vehicles and Motorsports. “A good understanding of a team’s success can be attributed to a symbiotic attribute between Corvette Racing and a prolongation vehicles. The 2015 Corvette Z06 and new C7.R will be some-more rival on a travel and lane due to successful pattern of a Corvette Stingray – that itself is heavily formed on a C6.R foe car.”

Corvette Racing will margin dual C7.R foe cars in 2014, starting after this month during a 52nd Rolex 24 At Daytona on Jan. 25-26. The foe kicks off a TUDOR United SportsCar Championship – a new array debuting this year after a partnership of a American Le Mans Series and GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series. The C7.R will contest in a GT Le Mans category in 11 races around North America.

The group is also is approaching to contest in Jun during a 24 Hours of Le Mans – a foe Chevrolet and Corvette Racing have won 7 times – in a GTE Pro class.

Since a team’s rival entrance in 1999 with a Corvette C5-R, Corvette Racing has warranted unmatched success. The C5-R and C6.R led Chevrolet to 90 victories around a universe and 10 manufacturer championships in a American Le Mans Series. In 2013, Corvette Racing won 5 races and swept a manufacturer, group and motorist championships in a GT category for a second uninterrupted season.

A pivotal partial of a team’s success is a record send between Corvette prolongation cars and foe cars.

“Corvette Racing sets a bullion customary for record send between a lane and street,” pronounced Tadge Juechter, Corvette arch engineer. “We are ceaselessly holding what we learn in competition, and requesting it to urge prolongation Corvettes – that afterwards make improved foe cars. As a result, a new Corvette Z06 is a many track-capable prolongation Corvette ever while a new C7.R is staid to be even some-more rival on a foe circuit.”

Many of a architectural and aerodynamic facilities of a C7.R are formed on homogeneous components and technologies from a 2015 Corvette Z06, including:

New, aluminum frame

As before, a foe automobile and a Z06 will share a same, production-based aluminum frame. However, for a initial time, a frames for a foe automobile and prolongation Z06 will be built in-house during a Corvette’s Bowling Green, Ky., public plant.

By leveraging modernized prolongation materials – such as laser welding, Flowdrill-machined fasteners and a GM-patented aluminum spot-welding routine – a prolongation structure is significantly stronger than a predecessor. For Corvette Racing, this equates to a foe framework for a C7.R that is 40 percent stronger than a effusive C6.R.

“In a initial path in a C7.R, a drivers felt a boost in framework stiffness,” pronounced Mark Kent, executive of Racing for Chevrolet. “The drivers now beheld that a C7.R doing was improved over changing aspect facilities and severe lane segments. This is critical as a drivers don’t always stay on a well-spoken pavement, and are constantly pushing over curbing during dilemma apexes.”

Direct-injected engine

The further of approach fuel injection to a Corvette Z06 will capacitate a record to lapse to a Corvette foe automobile for a initial time given a finish of a GT1 epoch in 2009. It promises incomparable efficiency, that can make a poignant disproportion in long-distance continuation racing such as Daytona and Le Mans by fewer time-consuming array stops.

“Direct injection offers dual advantages for a foe team,” pronounced Kent. “First, it offers drivers some-more accurate stifle control, so that even a smallest changes in a driver’s stifle position delivers a proportional response from a engine. Second, approach injection typically improves fuel economy about 3 percent. That could be adequate to bypass one fuel stop during a 24-hour race. Given that races are mostly won and mislaid in a pits, a 3 percent advantage in fuel economy could interpret to a poignant advantage in lane position.” 


The aerodynamic strategies of a Corvette Stingray came directly from a Corvette C6.R – including a forward-tilted radiator, organic hood and front-quarter row vents, and back delivery and differential cooling intakes.

The Z06 and C7.R take that aerodynamic substructure to a subsequent level, pity assertive strategies for increasing cooling and aerodynamic downforce, including identical front splitters, rocker panels, and front- and rear-brake cooling ducts.

“We worked parallel with a foe group building a aerodynamic packages for a Z06 and a C7.R,” pronounced Juechter. “We even used a same displaying program to exam both cars, enabling us to share information and wind-tunnel exam results. As a result, a aerodynamics of a prolongation Z06 furnish a many downforce of any prolongation automobile GM has ever tested, and we are shutting in on a aero opening of a dedicated foe car.”

There are, of course, differences between a foe automobile and prolongation Corvette Z06. For example, a C7.R carries over a powertrain for a C6.R, as a GT manners extent a limit banishment to 5.5L, and demarcate forced induction. By comparison, a new Z06 boasts a supercharged 6.2L engine estimated during 625 horsepower. Both engines, however, are formed on a ancestral tiny retard architecture. 

The cessation on a C7.R is mutated to accommodate wider racing tires and incomparable brakes, again partial of a GT regulations.

On a aerodynamic side, one vital disproportion is a change divided from U.S. National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, or NACA, ducts on a C7.R. The C6.R used dual NACA ducts, on tip of a back bodywork and nearby a position of a back wheels, for cooling. For a new C7.R, there are now openings on any of a back entertain panels, above a stop ducts, that will pull atmosphere to assistance cold a foe car’s transaxle and differential.

Additionally, one of a primary formula of a C7.R’s aero fact is creation a back wing a more-significant partial of a car’s aero package. A incomparable radiator estuary has a combined advantage of generating smoother airflow over a back wing and creation a use some-more fit to a doing and fortitude of a foe automobile during high speed.

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