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BMW Group combines imagination in Munich’s Unterschleissheim.



The BMW iNEXT is scheduled for recover in 2021 – self-driving,
electric and entirely connected. A whole operation of highly-automated
models from all BMW Group brands are set to follow. To grasp this
aim, a BMW Group is mixing a growth imagination in vehicle
connectivity and programmed pushing during a new campus in
Unterschleissheim nearby Munich.

Upon final completion, some-more than 2,000 employees will work on
a subsequent stairs towards fully-automated driving, from software
growth to highway testing, during a new location. “The highway to
fully-automated pushing is an event for Germany’s automobile
production base. The preference to rise and road-test these
vehicles in a Munich area illustrates how a BMW Group and the
whole segment can advantage from this change in a automotive
industry,” explains Klaus Fröhlich, member of a Board of
Management, obliged for Development during a BMW Group. 

Agility as a core competence.

From mid-2017, imagination now distributed opposite several
opposite locations will be pooled in Unterschleissheim. “In order
to succeed, we are substantiating new forms of partnership under
“project i 2.0”, with tiny teams of specialists for fast response
and partnership opposite a company, as good as a high turn of
particular decision-making authority,” explains Fröhlich. The new
work structures will be characterised by flexible teams, short
distances – and, above all, brief decision-making processes. At the
new campus, program developers will be means to take a formula they
have only created opposite a approach for contrast in an tangible vehicle.
“We are mixing a advantages of a start-up, such as flexibility
and speed, with those of an determined company, like process
confidence and automation expertise,” adds a Development
head. “The destiny growth site for unconstrained pushing will
capacitate us to launch a BMW iNEXT, a initial self-driving BMW, onto
a marketplace in 2021,” according to Fröhlich. The BMW Group aims to
start contrast highly-automated vehicles in a civic environment, in
Munich, as early as 2017.

“We do a possess programming.”

The BMW Group now employs around 600 people in development
of highly-automated driving. The infancy are program developers –
and their series is increasing. “We still do a possess programming
here and are obliged for implementing a possess ideas,” explains
André Müller, a program developer in a unconstrained pushing team.
“We use a latest technologies, such as ROS (Robot Operating
System), and are means to see a formula fast and directly in the
vehicle. It is intensely sparkling to be operative on such an important
area for a future.” André Müller is fervent to acquire new
colleagues. With a campus in Unterschleissheim, a BMW Group
continues to enhance a growth of highly-automated vehicles and
is looking for IT specialists and program developers in a areas
of synthetic intelligence, appurtenance training and information analysis.


All stream pursuit vacancies and information on fasten a BMW
Group can be found during
Software developer André Müller talks some-more about his work in an
talk during

(Interview in German language. Interview opportunities in
English are accessible any time on request).

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