New Duramax 6.6L Diesel Offered on 2017 Silverado HD

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New Duramax 6.6L Diesel Offered on 2017 Silverado HD

Next-generation redesign is stronger, with some-more appetite and larger excellence






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DALLAS (Thursday, Sep 29, 2016) — Chevrolet currently announced a redesigned Duramax 6.6L V-8 turbo-diesel offering on a 2017 Silverado HD. This next-generation redesign offers some-more horsepower and torque than ever — an SAE-certified 445 horsepower (332 kW) and 910 lb.-ft. (1,234 Nm) — to capacitate easier, some-more assured hauling and trailering.

Along with a 19 percent boost in max torque over a tide Duramax 6.6L, a redesigned turbo-diesel’s opening is quieter and smoother, for larger refinement. In fact, engine sound during idle is reduced 38 percent.

“With scarcely 2 million sole over a past 15 years, business have fake a bond with a Duramax diesel formed on trust and capability,” pronounced Dan Nicholson, clamp president, Global Propulsion Systems. “The new Duramax takes those traits to aloft levels.”

The new Duramax 6.6L shares radically usually a gimlet and cadence measure of a tide engine and incorporates a new, GM-developed control system. The Duramax’s signature low-rpm torque prolongation hasn’t altered and still offers 90 percent of arise torque during a low 1,550 rpm and sustains it by 2,850 rpm.

“Nearly all about a Duramax is new, designed to furnish some-more torque during revoke rpm and some-more certainty when trailering or hauling,” pronounced Gary Arvan, arch engineer. “You’ll also notice a excellence improvements a impulse we start a engine, and conclude them as we journey sensitively down a highway — with or though a trailer.”

Additional highlights include:

  • New, stronger cylinder retard and cylinder heads
  • New, stronger rotating and reciprocating assembly
  • Increased oil- and coolant-flow capacity
  • New EGR complement with singular cooler and integrated bypass
  • New electrically actuated/electronically tranquil turbocharging system
  • All-new modernized solenoid fuel system
  • All-new electronic controls
  • New full-length damped steel oil vessel that contributes to quietness
  • New rocker cover/fuel complement acoustical treatments
  • B20 bio-diesel compatibility
  • SAE-certified 445 net horsepower (332 kW) during 2,800 rpm
  • SAE-certified 910 net lb.-ft. of torque (1,234 Nm) during 1,600 rpm

A new, patent-pending automobile atmosphere intake complement — renowned on a Silverado HD by a confidant hood dip — drives cool, dry atmosphere into a engine for postulated opening and cooler engine temperatures during formidable conditions, such as trailering on high grades. Cooler atmosphere helps a engine run softened underneath load, generally in conditions where engine and smoothness temperatures can arise quickly. That allows a Duramax to say some-more appetite and automobile speed when trailering in a toughest conditions.

The intake pattern is another instance of a modernized arrangement enclosed in a 2017 Silverado HD that creates it over-the-road capable.   

A clever foundation

As with prior versions, a new Duramax retard facilities a clever cast-iron substructure famous for a durability, with induction-hardened cylinder walls and 5 nodular iron categorical bearings. It retains a same 4.05-inch (103mm) and 3.89-inch (99mm) gimlet and cadence measure as a tide engine, maintaining a Duramax’s informed 6.6L (403 cu.-in./6,599 cc) displacement.

A deep-skirt pattern and four-bolt, cross-bolted categorical caps assistance safeguard a block’s strength and capacitate some-more accurate plcae of a rotating assembly. A die-cast aluminum revoke crankcase also strengthens a engine retard and serves as a revoke engine cover, while shortening a altogether weight.

The new engine retard incorporates larger-diameter crankshaft joining rod journals than a tide engine, enabling a chain of a stronger crankshaft and increasing temperament area to hoop aloft cylinder loads.  

An extended oiling circuit, with aloft upsurge ability and a dedicated feed for a turbocharger, provides increasing vigour during a turbo and faster oil delivery. Larger piston-cooling oil jets during a bottom of a cylinder bores obscurity adult to twice a volume of engine oil into oil galleries underneath a climax of a pistons, contributing to revoke engine feverishness and larger durability.

A new, two-piece oil vessel contributes to a new Duramax’s quieter operation. It consists of a laminated steel oil vessel with an top aluminum section. The aluminum territory provides strength-enhancing acerbity for a engine, though a vessel done wholly of aluminum would illuminate some-more noise, so a laminated steel revoke territory is combined to moderate sound and vibration.

There’s also an integrated oil cooler with 50 percent larger ability than a tide engine’s, ensuring some-more unchanging temperatures during aloft engine loads.

Segment firsts

  • Re-melt piston play rim
  • Venturi Jet Drain Oil Separator
  • Closed-loop feverishness retard feverishness control

Stronger pistons with remelt

A tough, fake micro-alloy steel crankshaft anchors a new Duramax’s stronger rotating assembly. Cut-then-rolled biography fillets minister to a continuance by strengthening a connection where a journals — a turn sections on that a orientation slip — accommodate a webs that apart a categorical and rod journals.

The joining rods are stronger, too, and incorporate a new 45-degree split-angle pattern to concede a larger-diameter rod orientation to pass by a cylinder bores during engine assembly. They’re fake and sintered with a durable powdered steel alloy, with a fractured-cap pattern enabling some-more accurate cap-to-rod fitment. 

A new, stronger cast-aluminum piston pattern tops off a rotating assembly. It facilities a taller climax area and a remelted explosion play edge for larger strength. Remelting is an additional production routine for aluminum pistons in that a play edge area is reheated after casting and pre-machining, formulating a most finer and some-more unchanging steel pellet structure that severely enhances thermal tired properties.  

Additionally, a Duramax’s pistons don’t use pin bushings, shortening reciprocating weight to assistance a engine rev quicker and respond faster to stifle changes.

Lightweight cylinder heads, solenoid injectors

The redesigned engine retains a Duramax’s signature first-in-class aluminum cylinder conduct design, with 6 conduct bolts per cylinder and 4 valves per cylinder. The aluminum construction helps revoke a engine’s altogether weight, while a six-bolt pattern provides well-developed head-clamping strength — a contingency in a high-compression, turbocharged application.

A new aluminum conduct casting uses a new double-layer H2O core pattern that separates and arranges H2O cores in layers to emanate a stiffer conduct structure with some-more accurate coolant upsurge control. The heads’ airflow passages are also heavily revised to raise airflow, contributing to a engine’s increasing horsepower and torque.

The Duramax employs a common-rail approach injection fuel complement with new high-capability solenoid-type injectors. High fuel vigour of 29,000 psi (2,000 bar) promotes glorious fuel atomization for a cleaner bake that promotes reduced particulate emissions. The new injectors also support adult to 7 fuel smoothness events per explosion event, contributing to revoke noise, larger potency and revoke emissions. Technology advancements capacitate less-complex solenoid injectors to broach allied opening to piezo-type injectors.

Electronically controlled, variable-geometry turbocharging system

A new electronically controlled, variable-vane turbocharger advances a Duramax’s bequest of variable-geometry boosting. Compared to a tide engine, a complement produces aloft limit boost vigour — 28 psi (195 kPa) — to assistance a engine make some-more power, and revisions to raise a capability of a exhaust-brake system.

Along with a new camshaft form and softened cylinder conduct design, a Duramax’s new variable-vane turbocharger enables a engine to broach some-more appetite with revoke empty emissions. It uses a some-more modernized variable-vane mechanism, permitting a 40 C (104 F) boost in empty feverishness capability. The self-contained resource decouples transformation from a turbine housing, permitting operation during aloft temperature. That enables a engine to grasp aloft appetite during revoke cylinder pressure. Additionally, it has revoke inner leakage, permitting some-more empty appetite to be prisoner during empty braking.  

The integrated empty stop complement creates towing reduction stressful by formulating combined backpressure in a exhaust, ensuing in disastrous torque during deceleration and downhill driving, enhancing motorist control and prolonging stop pad life.

Venturi Jet Drain Oil Separator

A new Venturi Jet Drain Oil Separator employed with a Duramax 6.6L is a initial of a form in a shred and is designed to safeguard oil control in postulated full-load operation. The totally hermetic complement collects a excellent obscurity of oil entrained in a blow-by gas and uses a tiny apportionment of a increased atmosphere generated by a turbocharger to siphon a collected oil behind to a engine oil sump for re-use by a engine. Less worldly systems are not means to lapse this oil during full-load operation, that can outcome in oil carryover into a cylinders during combustion.

Cold Start System

The new Duramax also provides superb cold-weather performance, with microprocessor-controlled feverishness plugs means of gas-engine-like starting opening in fewer than 3 seconds in temperatures as low as -29 C (-20 F) though a retard heater. The complement is extended with ceramic feverishness plugs and involuntary feverishness remuneration — a first-in-class underline providing softened robustness and capability. The involuntary feverishness remuneration assesses and adjusts a tide to any feverishness retard for each use, providing optimal feverishness for cold start opening and durability.     

Electronic stifle valve and cooled EGR

Unlike a gasoline engine, a diesel engine doesn’t indispensably need a stifle control system. The Duramax 6.6L employs an electronic stifle valve to umpire intake plural vigour in sequence to boost empty gas recirculation (EGR) rates. It also contributes to smoother engine shutdown.

Additionally, a cooled empty gas recirculation (EGR) complement enhances opening and helps revoke emissions by ludicrous some of a engine-out empty gas and blending it behind into a uninformed intake atmosphere stream, that is fed by a cylinder conduct for combustion. This lowers explosion temperatures, improving emissions opening by shortening NOx formation.

The empty is cooled in a singular feverishness exchanger before it’s fed into a intake tide by a law EGR blending device, serve improving emissions and opening capability. An integrated bypass allows non-cooled empty gas to be fed behind into a complement to assistance a engine some-more fast grasp optimal handling feverishness when cold.

B20 Biodiesel Capability

The new Duramax 6.6L is means of using on B20 biodiesel, a fuel stoical of 20 percent biodiesel and 80 percent required diesel. B20 helps revoke CO dioxide emissions and lessens coherence on petroleum. It is a domestically produced, renewable fuel done essentially of plant matter — mostly soybean oil.


The new Duramax 6.6L turbo-diesel engine is constructed with locally and globally sourced tools during a DMAX Ltd. (GM’s corner try with Isuzu) production trickery in Moraine, Ohio.

Allison 1000 Automatic Transmission

The proven Allison 1000 six-speed involuntary smoothness is matched with a new Duramax 6.6L. A series of refinements have been done to accommodate a engine’s aloft torque capacity, including a new torque converter.

The Allison 1000’s technologically modernized control features, such as motorist change control with primer change underline and a law towering idle mode cab warm-up feature, haven’t changed. Also, a Tow/Haul mode reduces change cycling for softened control and softened cooling when towing or hauling complicated loads.

There’s also a intelligent diesel empty stop underline that enhances control when forward high grades.

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