New high-performance special indication BMW M4 GTS to be employed as a reserve automobile during a DTM in 2016.

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, 28th Apr 2016. Special models from a BMW M’s
mid-range array with even improved opening and radically designed
for high-level pushing dynamics have enjoyed a durability tradition at
BMW M Division for decades now. The latest instance is a BMW M4 GTS,
that is singular to 700 units (combined fuel consumption: 8.5 l/100
km; total CO2 emissions: 199 g/km)*. In sequence to yield formidable
explanation of this chosen sports car’s superb opening qualities,
BMW M has opted for a quite illusory approach of sketch the
public’s attention: The BMW M4 GTS is to turn a central DTM
reserve automobile during a 2016 season.

The final on such a lead automobile during a many renouned international
furloughed automobile array are high. According to a DTM manners “the DTM
reserve automobile is designed and blending for high-performance pushing on
competition circuits and is absolute adequate to say a speeds during which
other vehicles also participating in a eventuality can be driven without
an inauspicious outcome on their racing capabilities.” In other words: the
DTM reserve automobile contingency be means of environment a speed during that DTM drivers
are means to keep, inter alia, a tyres and stop systems of their
racing cars within an ideal heat range.

BMW M4 GTS: considerable r
acetrack opening ex works.
already fulfils these mandate in a prolongation version. Under
a carp it boasts a award-winning, 3.0-litre engine taken from
a BMW M3/M4. Thanks to innovative H2O injection technology, it was
probable to boost engine energy outlay by 51 kW/69 hp to
368 kW/500 hp. Maximum torque was increasing from 550 Nm to 600 Nm.
Hence, a BMW M4 GTS (ECE kerb weight: 1,585 kg, energy to weight
ratio: 3.0 kg/hp), that was consistently grown according to the
lightweight construction principle, is a many agile, radical and
best-handling indication in a series. It sprints from a delay to the
100 km/h symbol in a small 3.8 seconds, reaching a tip speed of 305 km/h (limited).

The tyres of a form Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 in a sizes 265/35
R19 during a front and 285/30 R20 during a rear, that come as standard
and were privately designed for a BMW M4 GTS, minister to the
car’s superb doing characteristics. They are mounted on
weight-optimised, fake and varnished M light amalgamate wheels in Acid
Orange and underline an disdainful 666 M star spoke styling.

Moreover, a imperative reserve facilities for a DTM reserve automobile are
already fitted: in a form of a discretionary Clubsport Package –
accessible for a BMW M4 GTS during no additional cost – including an Acid
Orange hurl bar located behind a front seats, 6-point chair belts
generally blending for racing and a glow extinguisher. Therefore, to
describe a automobile suitable for DTM racetracks, it was usually required to
implement a specific reserve automobile light complement with an LED light bar on
a roof, LED flashers in a admirably designed front apron as
good a peep mode duty for a LED headlamps. Clearly visible
“DTM Safety Car” stickers and a radio designation for
interference-free communication between a reserve automobile organisation and the
competition control were also added.

DTM reserve automobile motorist looks brazen to his new racetrack
Jürgen Kastenholz has been a central DTM
reserve automobile motorist given 2010. After pushing a BMW M4 Coupe DTM
reserve automobile for a final dual years, he is looking brazen to his new
car, behind a circle of that he will lay for a initial time during the
start of a DTM deteriorate in Hockenheim (6 to 8 May 2016). “The BMW M4
excels by neutral handling, illusory response and huge power
smoothness starting during low engine speeds for best acceleration out of
parsimonious corners,” says a 48-year old. “The new BMW M4 GTS will be even
better. So we will have finish trust in a automobile from a word go –
and this is positively essential to be means to lead a container of 24 DTM
racing cars fast around a circuit during a counsel periods.”

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