New MINI Countryman achieves tip 5-star rating in Euro NCAP pile-up test.

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Munich. As a largest indication in a story of the
brand, a new MINI Countryman offers fascinating expanse and
pushing properties total with limit flexibility. Now it also
stands out with courtesy to reserve after receiving tip outlines in this
area. The reward compress indication achieved a tip 5-star rating in the
Euro NCAP pile-up test. The difficult contrast procession determined that
a atmospheric MINI all-rounder, also designed for being taken off the
beaten track, provides an superb turn of insurance on all seats
in any situation.

The pile-up tests conducted by a eccentric Euro NCAP safety
contrast hospital (New Car Assessment Programme) are a benchmark with
courtesy to collision safety, are recognized Europe-wide and are stepped
adult permanently. The testers analyse a car’s pile-up poise in
opposite impact scenarios in sequence to consider how fast a passenger
dungeon is, how effective a patience systems are and what army are
exerted on a occupants. In serve a Euro NCAP contrast procedure
also takes active reserve record and walking insurance into account.

The reserve newcomer dungeon of a new MINI Countryman valid to
be a plain presence space in a front and side pile-up exam as good as
in a supposed parallel stick crash. The testers found that a
henceforth high turn of insurance from damage was ensured in the
new MINI Countryman, regardless of a distance and chair position of the
occupants thereby also defence top-level insurance for children.
The duty of a headrests was also definitely assessed as they
effectively strengthen a passengers from neck and spine injuries in the
box of a rear-end crash. The new MINI Countryman also facilities an
impact absorber in a front apron area as good as an active engine
hood for best walking protection. In a box of a collision
with a walking or cyclist, a hood is automatically lifted adult to
forestall a risk of injuries occurring due to impacting especially
tough tools of a engine.

The indication pile-up poise of a new MINI Countryman is a
outcome of a integrated reserve judgment that is built into every
indication of a British reward brand. Its components are designed to
assistance forestall accidents from occurring, to strengthen passengers as
effectively as probable from a consequences of a collision and to
activate assist as fast as possible. Highly volatile bracket
structures and precisely tangible deformation zones safeguard that the
army behaving in a eventuality of a collision are selectively engrossed and
kept divided from a intensely firm newcomer cell. The precisely
harmonised patience systems in a interior safeguard limit protection
for all passengers. In serve a customary apparatus of a new MINI
Countryman already facilities a collision warning with city braking
function. The tyre vigour arrangement for any particular circle as well
as a intelligent puncture call with involuntary showing of vehicle
plcae and collision astringency are customary on any MINI Countryman.

Top ratings in a area of reserve are a matter of tradition at
MINI. The prototype indication of a new MINI Countryman already
achieved a tip 5-star rating in a Euro NCAP pile-up test. Since that
time a Euro NCAP pile-up exam procedures have been extended to include
a crowd of serve criteria. The 5-star rating for a new
era of a all-rounder MINI illustrate how technological
swell in hallmark MINI character not usually advantages pushing fun, but
pushing reserve as well.

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