New energy plant covers 15 percent of Senegal’s electricity consumption

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Designed to work with 5 MAN 18V48/60 engines and a MAN MARC® steam turbine, a new energy plant has a prolongation ability of adult to 96 MW. It is a second plant in Africa to make use of MAN’s diesel total cycle product package. The rubbish feverishness from a engines powers a steam turbine, that in spin generates 6.6 MW of electricity.

The energy plant, that is located in Tobène in a segment of Thiès, 90 km north of Dakar, will supply to a inhabitant grid that is operated by Senegal’s inhabitant electricity company, SENELEC. It will beget a homogeneous of 15 percent of a country’s stream electricity consumption. This electricity will be used to energy businesses, shops, universities and houses, so providing a whole horde of new opportunities for enlargement within Senegal, that now practice repeated energy outages.

“The new plant uses a diesel total cycle product package, that offers superb opening and glorious environmental standards. Thanks to a second cycle regulating a MARC® steam turbine, fuel expenditure is lowered by 6 percent and CO2 emissions are also reduced for any kWh produced,” says Mesut Yentur, CEO of MAN Diesel Turbo France and Head of Power Plant Sales in a French-speaking regions of Western Africa.

Thanks to a effective partnership with MATELEC, a Lebanese association specialising in electricity infrastructures, MAN has managed to get a plant consecrated in record time. “We are really happy with this project,” says Sami Soughayar, CEO of MATELEC. “Our partnership with MAN Diesel Turbo valid to be rarely veteran and a good success. With plan teams being ideally coordinated, it usually took only over 15 months for a energy plant to be means to broach a initial MW to a Senegalese inhabitant grid.”

With a existent plant carrying now been taken over by MAN PrimeServ, MAN Diesel Turbo’s use brand, to safeguard best-in-class upkeep is provided, an enlargement is already planned. By adding a diesel engine, a plant’s era ability will be increasing from 96 MW to 115 MW by a finish of a second operative phase.

MAN Diesel Turbo is witnessing a arise in a activities in Africa. Having had a participation in South Africa given 2008 and in Dakar given 2010, a association non-stop a new Sales Service bureau in Lagos, Nigeria in 2015 and is now building plants in Gambia, Eritrea, Niger and Burkina Faso. These successes are formed on some-more than 50 years of doing business in Africa. During that time, over 3.2 gigawatts of era ability have been commissioned in 37 African countries.

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