New sales responsibilities during Audi

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Ingolstadt/Beijing, 2013-01-25

New sales responsibilities during Audi

  • Heads of sales in Germany and Europe to sell positions
  • Sales government in China to be some-more closely focused
  • Sales arch Luca de Meo: “We are strengthening a classification in a 3 regions where Audi has a biggest section sales.”

In a 3 regions where it has a biggest section sales, Audi is appointing executives with proven lane annals to take over critical functions as of Feb 1 2013. In Europe, a stream heads of sales for Germany, Michael Renz, and for Europe incompatible Germany, Wayne Griffiths, are exchanging positions. Sales in Audi’s biggest singular market, China, will be some-more closely focused in a future. To these ends, Qing Pan, Vice President Audi China, will additionally assume shortcoming for pivotal sales functions in a Chinese marketplace that are located during Audi’s domicile in Ingolstadt.

As settled by Luca de Meo, Member of a Board of Management for Sales and Marketing during Audi AG: “We are strengthening a classification in a 3 biggest sales regions and are augmenting a internal responsibility. Michael Renz has brought Audi to a tip of a reward marketplace in Germany, Wayne-Anthony Griffiths has finished a same in Europe. Pan has glorious believe of a Chinese marketplace and has his informative roots there as well. These changes will assistance us to say a position as a many successful reward code in those regions.”

Michael Renz (55) has been in assign of sales and selling in a German domestic marketplace given 2009. Before that, he hold executive shortcoming for instance for a Overseas, Southern Europe and Middle East sales regions. In between those positions, he was conduct of executive selling in Ingolstadt. Renz has been during Audi given 1994.

Wayne-Anthony Griffiths (46) has hold several positions in sales during Audi given 1993; for a past 7 years, he has been conduct of a segment Europe incompatible Germany. Before that, he was obliged for a Overseas segment and for a Northern and Western Europe sales areas.

Qing Pan (45) has been Executive Vice President Audi China given a commencement of 2012. With a send to Mr. Pan of pivotal sales functions that are located in Ingolstadt, a shortcoming for Audi’s biggest singular marketplace will be some-more focused in a future. Since 2006, Pan has been during a VW Group, for that he has hold several executive positions in Asia.

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