Next-Gen Chevy Volt Offers More User-Friendly Charging

Posted on 27. Nov, 2014 by in GM Canada

Next-Gen Chevy Volt Offers More User-Friendly Charging






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Oshawa, Ontario (Wednesday, Nov 26, 2014) – If there’s one thing Chevrolet Volt owners adore about their cars, it’s being means to recharge a battery easily. Chevrolet has done a charging complement in a next-generation Volt even easier for business to recharge a battery – and to check a assign status. The next-generation Volt debuts in Jan during a North American International Auto Show.

“Chevrolet used a real-world practice of today’s Volt owners to make a charging routine easier and some-more accessible in a next-generation Volt,” pronounced Andrew Farah, arch operative for a Volt. “The new Volt will give owners larger coherence for charging it on their terms.”

The new and extended facilities include:

GPS location-based charging

Owners will now be means to set their charging preferences exclusively for their “home” charging plcae and a automobile will automatically adjust to that environment when it is during that location. The automobile will commend when it arrives “home” formed on GPS data. 

This will concede owners to pre-set their charging turn (8 amps or 12 amps on 120V only) and either they wish to assign immediately, set a depart time for any day of a week, or set a depart time and a application rate report to assign usually during off-peak rates. Owners can submit their internal utility’s rate report into their Volt to assure they’re charging regulating a cheapest electricity rates. They will usually have to module a complement once and a Volt will lapse to these settings each time it is during a home location.

New, some-more discerning assign standing indicators

The next-generation Volt creates it easier for owners to endorse their Volt is charging and sign assign status. The new standing complement facilities a specifically designed tinge that indicates when charging has begun, with additional tones for behind charging. It will even prove if a assign pier doorway was left open after unplugging though before entering a vehicle.

With a peek by a windshield, an updated assign standing indicator light on a on a tip of a instrument row will uncover a estimate assign turn by a array of flashes. In addition, an accessible bright assign pier creates it easier to block in after dim as good as prove estimate assign turn by a array of flashes.

Portable cord set enhancements

A new 120V unstable cord set includes a 7.5 metre cord (nearly 25 feet), longer than a stream 120V unstable cord. It can be sealed regulating a tiny clinch to deter unapproved dismissal during charging. Based directly on patron feedback, a new storage bin for a cord is now located on a left side of a Volt’s back bucket area, above a bucket floor, for softened accessibility.

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