Nico Müller: “I’ve always felt gentle during a Norisring”

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How did we applaud your second DTM victory?
On Sunday night, there was a get-together during a Audi Hospitality. It was good to splash to a good weekend with a whole group and also with others opposite a Audi organization. Afterwards, we went bar-hopping for a while with my crew, a mechanics and a engineers on a Adriatic coast. It’s a good place for celebrating such a success. That done us jelly even closer and serve encouraged us to repeat this as shortly as possible.

How many WhatsApp messages did we accept after your victory?
I did accept a unequivocally vast series of congrats. It’s good to see that people base for we and suffer pity such successes. we also perceived messages from long-standing companions and critical people in my career such as a former boss, Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich – unnecessary to contend that’s gratifying.

Right after your feat during Misano, we trafficked to Neuburg where we gave pulling lessons to football star Thomas Müller. Müller double by dual in a demeanour of vocalization …
Meeting Thomas Müller was an comprehensive highlight. He’s a totally cold guy, still totally down to earth and unequivocally relaxed. He also did good during a wheel. After all, it’s not easy to expostulate a competition automobile like a Audi R8 LMS GT4 during a limit. It didn’t take him prolonged to brave pulling a automobile and he had a lot of fun in a process. For me, it was an respect to yield him with a few pulling skills, to manager him a tiny and also to give him a tiny pre-taste of a DTM during a cab float in a Audi RS 5 DTM. It was a unequivocally good day for both of us.

Are we meddlesome in football? The Audi Cup will be hold again shortly in Munich.
Admittedly, I’m conjunction a unequivocally vast football fan nor a quite gifted footballer. But we do compensate courtesy to what’s function there from time to time. This competition enjoys such outrageous seductiveness that we unequivocally can’t omit it. In a nation we come from, a Young Boys Bern are on a hurl during a moment. They’re unequivocally in control of a stage in Switzerland, that creates me unequivocally happy. I’ve also had an event to watch FC Bayern München live during a Allianz Arena. The atmosphere there and a passion for this bar are positively out of this world. In Germany, they’re a group to kick each year. As a sportsman, we can usually take your shawl off to that.

Back to a DTM. The Norisring is entrance adult this weekend.
I’m intensely looking brazen to a Norisring. It’s a lane we have a vast series of lustful memories of. In 2016, we won my initial DTM competition there. But in 2018, we were clever there within a Audi patrol too. I’ve always felt gentle during a Norisring. we generally like city circuits and go there with a certain feeling. I’m top-motivated and well-prepared.

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