Night competition with a guest coming by Zanardi: BMW M Motorsport energetically expecting fantastic DTM weekend during Misano.

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BMW Team MTEK will be obliged for Zanardi’s guest appearance, as
was also a box during a Vallelunga (ITA) exam dual weeks ago.
Zanardi’s array stops will be achieved by BMW Team RMR. The team, which
consists of members of a RMG and RBM BMW teams, is actively involved
in a DTM and is good proficient with DTM array stop procedures.


The fact that it is a night competition has pushed a report back. The
initial giveaway use eventuality takes place during 21:30 on Friday. Qualifying
sessions start during 20:00 on Saturday and Sunday. The races on Saturday
and Sunday will both start during 22:30.


After twelve out of 20 races, Marco Wittmann (GER) is now the
best-placed BMW motorist in a altogether standings in third place with
110 points. Timo Glock (GER) is in sixth position, with 101 points.
The Misano circuit is uncharted domain for many drivers. In Jun of
this year, Bruno Spengler (CAN) competed there with a BMW M6 GT3 in
a Italian GT Championship. Philipp Eng (AUT) has seemed there in
a Blancpain GT Sprint Series in a final dual years. Augusto Farfus
(BRA) also knows a circuit – however, when he competed in Formula
Renault, races took place in a conflicting direction.


Quotes brazen of a DTM races during Misano.


Jens Marquardt (BMW Motorsport Director): 

“The initial ever DTM night-race and a competition weekend during Misano with
eager Italian fans and a internal favourite and guest starter Alex
Zanardi will be, yet a doubt, an comprehensive prominence of a 2018
DTM season. Night races are always generally spectacular, yet they
are something totally new for a drivers, teams and engineers in
a DTM. We also have to get to know a Misano circuit. We have some
sparkling hurdles brazen and we are looking brazen to holding them
on. From a sporting perspective, naturally we wish to urge our
lane record for a year here in Italy. One thing that’s already
certain is that it will be a unequivocally romantic weekend. It won’t usually be
us removing crow bumps examination Alex Zanardi contest in a BMW M4 DTM
in front of his home fans. Big interjection to a BMW Motorsport team, who
took on a plea of equipping Alex with a ideal record he
needs to control a car. Countless hours and days have been spent on
a innovative solutions. The outcome is a singular complement that will give
Alex a eventuality to pull boundary in a dual burdensome DTM sprint
races on a Adriatic coast. It will positively be a pleasure to see
him on track. we can usually say: Forza, Alex!”


Alessandro Zanardi (BMW M4 DTM):

“In this prolonged career of mine, I’ve mostly looked during a subsequent large race
meaningful we was one of a categorical contenders to presumably win it. This time
will be different, yet it’s equally electrifying to be engaged
again during a tip turn of motorsport and we can’t wait to start BMW
M4 DTM’s engine. I’ve been means to fit so many opposite things into
this life of cave and as distant of my motorsport experience, out of all
the intriguing things we cared to do in my career, DTM was unequivocally one
of a few we was lacking. we wish to thank BMW for a eventuality and
a BMW engineers, who once some-more did a shining pursuit in modifying the
automobile to support me and my needs to a best. I’m looking brazen to
starting a illusory competition weekend in front of all the many fans who
will come to support us and we wish that a night competition during Misano will
an memorable knowledge be for them all.”


Stefan Reinhold (Team Principal BMW Team RMG):

“We are all unequivocally looking brazen to Misano. The circuit is new for
everybody involved. We don’t have any support of anxiety and we are
starting flattering most from blemish on Friday. The report also
represents an engaging challenge. The group has to understanding with the
switch from informed processes to days that start after and finish in the
center of a night. We are looking brazen to a night races, which
will positively be a good philharmonic for a fans. It is also great
to have Alex with us in a BMW family. He is a good chairman and we am
certain he will pleasure DTM fans. We absolutelywant to tighten a opening at
a tip and make certain we are concerned in a conflict for a best
positions in both races.”


Marco Wittmann (#11 BMW Driving Experience M4 DTM, BMW Team
RMG – 3rdplace in a altogether standings, points: 110):

“I am looking brazen to Misano. It is uncharted domain for me and
it is a circuit where we need to try to find my stroke as fast as
probable yet we consider that a whole eventuality will be spectacular. It is
a initial night competition in a DTM and a whole time report will be
different. we am also looking brazen to carrying Alex Zanardi on board
with us for both of a DTM races. That will be a unequivocally special
impulse for him and his fans.”


Augusto Farfus (#15 Shell BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMG –
13thplace in a altogether standings, points: 40):

“I know a circuit from when races took place in a opposite
direction. we distinguished my first-ever motorsport win there, in the
Formula Renault. The atmosphere there is superb. The circuit isn’t far
from a beach and we will be pushing in a initial DTM night races. We
will have adequate light to be means to see a lane in a dark. After
my lectern during Brands Hatch, we am anticipating that we can take this momentum
to Misano.”


Timo Glock (#16 DEUTSCHE POST BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMR –
6thplace in a altogether standings, points: 101):

“I am vehement to find out what it will be like to expostulate a DTM automobile in
a dim for a initial time. It is also a new circuit for us and we
wish that a blueprint suits a car. In general, we wish that a luck
earnings as it’s left blank a bit recently. we am looking brazen to
Alex Zanardi and it will be fascinating to see how he does – and how
a initial night competition in a story of a DTM turns out.”


Bart Mampaey (Team Principal BMW Team RBM):

“It’s always engaging when we contest in Italy. It’s a holiday
deteriorate and Alex Zanardi’s coming guarantees a lot of public
interest. The Misano circuit is still new for a team. We will
positively have some hurdles to understanding with and we will try to prepare
ourselves as good as possible. we will also discuss with Alex about his
impressions of a DTM automobile and Misano. We will try to get during slightest one
of a drivers onto a lectern and to minister to what will
hopefully be a illusory Italian competition weekend.”


Bruno Spengler (#7 BMW Bank M4 DTM, BMW Team RBM –
12thplace in a altogether standings, points: 43):

“I’ve usually gifted night pushing in 24-hour races yet that
is a bit different, as a lighting systems on a DTM automobile are not set
adult for dark like those on an continuation car. However, a Misano
circuit should be unequivocally good lit. we am unequivocally vehement as this will
be a new plea and super interesting. It is shining that we have
Alex Zanardi in a team. we gathering with him during a Spa 24-hour competition and
we am a good fan of Alex. It is smashing to have him in a group in
a DTM, generally in his Italian homeland. The Misano circuit is
unequivocally cool. we gathering there in a Italian GT Championship this year.
It is unequivocally engaging for DTM cars and offers some overtaking
opportunities for a good show.”


Philipp Eng (#25 SAMSUNG BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMR –
8thplace in a altogether standings, points: 83):

“I am already looking brazen to Misano and we consider it’s going to be
a cold event. In 2016 and 2017, a Saturday competition in a Blancpain GT
Sprint Series took place during night and that constructed some really
illusory pictures. It was illusory for a drivers too and we am
certain it will be even improved in a DTM car. we consider there will be
copiousness of intense stop discs and empty abandon on show. The circuit
suits me and it feels good. we like racing there.” 


Joel Eriksson (#47 BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RBM –
15thplace in a altogether standings, points: 27):

“Misano is another new circuit for me, and a new form of race. Up to
now, I’ve not gifted night racing. That will be a large challenge
yet we consider it will be easier to learn a Misano circuit than it was
during a old-school competition lane during Brands Hatch. we am unequivocally looking
brazen to it as everybody says that it’s a good circuit that is a lot
of fun. we am certain it will be illusory to expostulate a DTM automobile there.”

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