Nissan: 1990 Le Mans 24 Hours stick leader Mark Blundell reunites with his Nissan R90CK during Circuit de la Sarthe

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Nissan GT-R LM NISMO Newsroom

LE MANS, France – Tonight during Le Mans, 1990 Le Mans 24 Hours stick leader Mark Blundell was reunited with his Nissan R90CK during Circuit de la Sarthe during a ACO President’s cooking hold on a circuit usually before a start finish line. Images from tonight’s reunion are to a left.

Nissan scored a stick here during Le Mans 25 years ago with Mark Blundell behind a wheel. The cars 25 years ago were dramatically different. Check out a measure between Nissan’s 1990 Le Mans attack and a GT-R LM NISMO of 2015 in a striking below.

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Below, we take a demeanour behind during this ancestral Nissan.


1990 / Nissan R90CP/CK

  • Length / Width / Height: 4,800 / 1,990 / 1,100mm
  • Vehicle Weight: 900kg
  • Maximum Engine Output: Over 800ps/7,600rpm

For a 1990 Group C races, Nissan done efforts to urge a trustworthiness of a R89C, that had proven a speed during a prior season. Improvements enclosed a mutated chassis, designation of a VRH35 indication VRH35Z engine and a cowling designed by Nissan Performance Technology (NPTI) that was built in-house during Nissan. Due to this a new indication R90CP, notwithstanding being formed on a prior year’s model, had 70 percent of a tools made by Nissan and NISMO. Another underline of a cars was a use of carbon-disco brakes made by Brembo S.p.a. Two R90CP cars were entered in a 1990 JSPC continuation competition array – one underneath a Calsonic-Nissan Team driven by Kazuyoshi Hoshino and Toshio Suzuki underneath a YHP-Nissan Team driven by Masahiro Hasemi and Andres Olofsson.

Five R90CP cars (plus a span of C89s) took on a plea of a Le Mans 24 Hours in 1990, with one R90CP entrance from NISMO, dual European R90CK entries, and dual American R90CP vehicles.

In subordinate for Le Mans, a Japan-built automobile took stick position for a initial time ever – Mark Blundell putting in an startling path aboard one of a European CK entries on a circuit featuring, for a initial time, a dual chicanes on a barbarous Mulsanne Straight, notwithstanding that a stick position automobile posted a march record tip speed of 366 km/h

Hopes were high for a initial win by a Japanese car, though an hapless array of problems saw 4 of a R90CPs late during a race, a usually one to finish being a appurtenance driven by Masahiro Hasemi, Kazuyoshi Hoshino and Toshio Suzuki, that finished in 5th place overall, during a time a top ever outcome for a Japanese automobile and Japanese drivers.


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