Nissan: Alliance Ventures invests in Enevate to allege Li-ion battery record for electric vehicles

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Alliance Ventures, a vital try collateral arm of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, has announced currently that it has invested in a latest turn of appropriation in Enevate Corporation, an modernized lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery record association formed in Irvine, California. This outlines a latest record investment by Alliance Ventures, launched progressing this year to support start-ups, early-stage development, and entrepreneurs during a slicing corner of next-generation systems for a automotive industry.

Francois Dossa, Alliance Global Vice President, Ventures and Open Innovation, said: “We are gratified to attend in Enevate’s latest appropriation round. This vital investment allows us to support a growth of Enevate exclusive slicing corner electrode technology. Continued growth in this vicious margin will assistance us accelerate a foundation of a vehicles.”

The investment reflects a capability of Enevate in breakthrough Li-ion batteries able of impassioned quick charging with high appetite density. Enevate’s technology, that could capacitate electric vehicles (EVs) to assign in a same time as refueling required cars, is seen as a personality in a field.

“We share a common idea of creation electric vehicles easier to use and adopt in mass markets,” says Enevate President and CEO Robert A. Rango. “We demeanour brazen to a vital partnership with Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, as they are a tellurian personality in electric vehicles and they know a marketplace needs of EV consumers worldwide.”

Enevate’s HD-Energy® Technology for EVs facilities five-minute quick charging with high appetite firmness and prolonged pushing operation with combined concentration on low-temperature operation for cold climates, low cost and reserve benefits. This brief charging time is higher to any other Li-ion record accessible today.

Enevate licenses a silicon-dominant HD-Energy Technology to battery and EV automotive manufacturers and suppliers worldwide to quick grasp prolongation volume and expostulate adoption of next-generation facilities that take EVs to a subsequent level.


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Enevate Corporation, with tellurian domicile in California, USA, develops and licenses modernized silicon-dominant Li-ion battery record that revolutionizes a electric car (EV) marketplace by violation down barriers to EV adoption. Enevate’s pioneering work on silicon-dominant anodes and cells has resulted in a breakthrough HD-Energy® Technology featuring impassioned quick charging with uncompromised high appetite density, glorious low-temperature operation for cold climates, low cost, and reserve advantages over required graphite Li-ion batteries.
Investors include: Mission Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Tsing Capital, Infinite Potential Technologies, Presidio Ventures – a Sumitomo Corporation company, CEC Capital, Samsung, Lenovo, LG Chem, and a Alliance (Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi). Enevate, a Enevate logo, HD-Energy, and eBoost are purebred trademarks of a Enevate Corporation. To learn some-more about, or to license, Enevate’s industry-defining battery technology, revisit


Groupe Renault, Nissan Motor Company and Mitsubishi Motors paint a world’s largest automotive alliance. It is a longest-lasting and many prolific cross-cultural partnership in a automobile industry. Together, a partners sole some-more than 10.6 million vehicles in scarcely 200 countries in 2017. The member companies are focused on partnership and maximizing synergies to boost competitiveness. They have vital collaborations with other automotive groups, including Germany’s Daimler and China’s Dongfeng. This vital fondness is a attention personality in zero-emission vehicles and is building a latest modernized technologies, with skeleton to offer unconstrained drive, connectivity facilities and services on a far-reaching operation of affordable vehicles.


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