Nissan Announces New Mid-term Business Plan for a ASEAN region

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, Bangkok, Thailand

Nissan Announces New Mid-term Business Plan for a ASEAN region

– Targeting 15% marketplace share with 500,000 sales in FY2016 –

Nissan Motor Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. (NMAP) *1, a auxiliary of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Nissan) as a newly determined vital informal domicile of a ASEAN region, announced now a new six-year business plan, with transparent objectives to grasp serve enlargement opposite a region. A pivotal prominence is a idea to some-more than triple sales to 500,000 units with 15% marketplace share by a finish of 2016, adult from 150,000 units and 6% marketplace share in FY2010. One of pivotal strategies to comprehend this enlargement is a introduction of some-more than 10 new models during a period, as good as low partnership with bureaucratic bodies to benefit rival advantages. The operation of markets for this devise includes Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, a Philippines and Vietnam.

This informal devise was grown to support a tellurian instruction of Nissan Power 88, a corporate mid-term devise recently announced during Nissan’s tellurian domicile in Japan. Nissan Power 88 aims to rouse code and sales power, boost tellurian marketplace share to 8% by FY2016, and grasp a tolerable 8% handling distinction as shortly as probable during a duration of a plan.

“As automobile direct in rising markets has been rising rapidly, we predict it will shortly constraint some-more than half of tellurian sales volumes. ASEAN countries – including Thailand and Indonesia – are among those we have noted as a vital enlargement drivers”, Toru Hasegawa, President of NMAP and Nissan Motor Thailand (NMT) said.”The new ASEAN mid-term devise is to uncover a clever joining to a region, with a transparent roadmap to comprehend Nissan’s vital direction”, Hasegawa added.

The new ASEAN mid-term devise identifies 4 pillars to grasp a goals;

  • Preparing for Indonesia’s low cost immature automobile program: Initiated by a Indonesian government, this will be a pivotal motorist to boost sales in a region.
  • Accelerating localization of Research and Development (RD), as good as powertrain production: Nissan Technical Center South East Asia (NTCSEA)*2 will be stretched in Thailand and Indonesia, by tripling a series of sum engineering staff from a stream 120 to 370 in FY2016. In addition, JATCO Ltd, Nissan’s associate company, will deposit 20 billion Japanese yen (250 million US dollars)*3 to settle a new prolongation plant to furnish continuously-variable delivery (CVT) units in Thailand. It will be a initial association to locally furnish CVTs in Thailand.
  • Doubling informal prolongation capacity: From 350,000 to 700,000 units per year, this will safeguard Nissan serves a flourishing needs of a ASEAN markets.
  • Establishing NMAP in Thailand: This new, vital informal domicile will take clever care to cross-functionally control a mid-term devise swell and safeguard a realization.

NMT also announced now a new mid-term business plan, named “Power Up 2016”. During this 6-year devise in line with a new ASEAN mid-term plan, NMT’s product operation will be increasing and FY2016 marketplace share is projected to some-more than double again, from 7.4% in FY2010, with extended portfolio and some-more than 10 indication launches. To keep gait with a flourishing sales, play network will be expanded. By a finish of FY2013, 50 new outlets will be added, an boost to 210 from 160 in FY2010. In addition, NMT will launch a “first eco-car sedan” in Thailand. Taking advantage of being a initial manufacturer to broach a hatchback eco-car, Nissan MARCH, NMT will again turn a initial manufacturer to launch a eco-car sedan and settle a plain position in a eco-car segment. This sedan is a second indication of Nissan’s tellurian compress automobile lineup designed to broach stylish, high-quality, affordable, and superb fuel economy. Production of Nissan eco-car sedan is scheduled to start in Sep 2011.

Among a ASEAN countries, Indonesian sum attention volume, in particular, will significantly boost by a government-initiated low cost immature automobile program. Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI), Nissan’s auxiliary in a nation also announced a clever idea to attend in a module now being drafted by a Indonesian government. In line with this devise to join a program, NMI will serve deposit in Indonesia to boost a internal production, that will assistance rise Indonesia’s automobile attention and move poignant advantages to a economy.

Nissan skeleton to deposit 25 billion Japanese yen (312.5 million US dollars) *4 in Indonesia for serve growth. The investment will especially be for plant enlargement to boost prolongation ability to 180,000 units by 2013 and a new engine public plant. Through this expansion, staffing levels are projected to boost from a stream 900 employees to approximately 2,500.

These developments will also accelerate localization efforts. Nissan will be strengthening a investigate and growth (RD) comforts by enlargement of a Nissan Technical Center South East Asia-Indonesia (NTCSEA-I). This enlargement will capacitate a Center to improved accommodate patron needs by charity high-quality products during a right time.

With these initiatives, NMI will essay to grasp a mid-term devise idea to grasp 90,000 section sales in Indonesia by 2013. As for FY2011, NMI is aiming to grasp 60,000 sales and some-more than 7% marketplace share.

1. *1 Nissan Motor Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. (NMAP): NMAP was determined as a new informal domicile on Jul 1st, 2011 in Bangkok, Thailand, re-organizing a stream informal MS operation during Nissan Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. (NAP) in Singapore and Nissan Technical Center South East Asia Co., Ltd. (NTCSEA) in Thailand. It consists from pivotal functions including Regional MS, Product Planning, Program Management, RD, and Monozukuri Strategy (Purchasing, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Management).
2. *2 NTCSEA: Nissan Technical Center South East Asia is a RD multiplication of NMAP.
3. *3 *4 Amounts in US dollars are translated for a preference of a reader during a unfamiliar sell rate of 1 Japanese yen per 0.0125 US dollars.

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