Nissan: Austin Riley shatters tarnish surrounding autism by multiplying motorsport career

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  • Young karting star from Ontario advances career with Nissan Micra Cup, drives summary of wish and impulse during each turn

Mississauga, Ont./Mirabel, Que. – Nissan and JD Promotion Compétition are unapproachable to announce 18-year-old karting champion, Austin Riley, as a new motorist for a 2017 Micra Cup season. The teen from Uxbridge, Ontario, has been racing given he was eight-years-old, competed and succeeded during each spin of karting, and inspires crowds of people to follow their dreams with each race.

At a age of 12, Austin was diagnosed on a high-functioning finish of a autism spectrum.  Although his racing career was in a infancy, Austin’s parents, Jason and Jennifer Riley, did not stop his racing dreams, instead, they did a opposite. With a support of family, friends and a karting community, a Rileys nurtured Austin’s burgeoning talent and he found his component on a competition track.

As a racing accolades poured in, and Austin’s racing abilities developed, a Rileys satisfied they had a singular story to share. In 2013 they determined Racing with Autism, a height to lift recognition about autism and Austin’s central racing team.

“Motorsport has given my son large things he hasn’t been means to find anywhere else in life, and one of them is acceptance,” says Jason Riley, boss of Racing with Autism and Austin’s father. “It also teaches coping mechanisms we can’t learn anywhere else, though ones that we can request each day, no matter what a situation.”

Austin has proven his eagerness in a karting village being a three-time karting champion and with countless career highlights including second place in a 2016 Championship Ron Fellows Karting Challenge in a Rotax DD2 Shifter division, and second place during ECKC Goodwood Kartways in 2016.

It was Micra Cup maestro motorist Metod Topolnik of Azure Racing, and mother Marie Christine Bédard, who introduced a Rileys to a Nissan Micra Cup, after training about Austin and Racing with Autism. Autism recognition advocates themselves, Topolnik and Bédard were desirous and speedy by Austin’s achievements, and reached out to his family.

“Our son Thomas was diagnosed with autism during two-years-old and during that moment, a universe stopped. We never could have approaching this for a beautiful, extraordinary and sexual small boy,” pronounced Bédard. “Metod and we began doing all we could to give Thomas a best probability for a improved life, and became advocates for autism awareness. When we schooled about Austin’s achievements, it gave us measureless hope, and we wanted to assistance support and inspire Austin in a office of his dreams and share this summary of wish with people like us who need it most.” 

Riley Makes His Micra Cup Debut

After Topolnik offering his Micra Cup competition automobile for Austin to try on a lane final year, a Rileys satisfied something they once deliberate out of strech – advancing to automobile racing – was a genuine possibility. Topolnik of Azure Racing rallied support from Groupe Touchette Pirelli, The Els for Autism Foundation and The Miriam Foundation, to unite Austin to attend in a 2017 Nissan Micra Cup season, imprinting a initial time Austin will contest in automobile racing.

Austin’s entrance continues a settlement already seen in a Micra Cup family. Valérie Limoges; Samuel Crowe; Nicolas Barrette; Kevin King; Stefan Rzadzinski and a Micra Cup champions from a 2015 and 2016 seasons respectively – Olivier Bédard and Xavier Coupal – all warranted their racing stripes in karting.

“Offering creation and fad for everybody is a heart and essence of a Nissan code and positively carries over into a motorsport side of a business,” says Joni Paiva, boss of Nissan Canada Inc. “The Micra Cup grid is an public of highly-skilled, ardent group and women with a reduction of pushing backgrounds. Austin diversifies a Micra Cup array in a smashing way. we demeanour brazen to saying how Micra Cup and spec array racing will serve allege Austin’s already-impressive career.”

On May 7th, a Nissan Micra Cup drivers, including Austin, collected in Mirabel for a annual exam day forward of a deteriorate start. Austin’s passion for advancing his career was apparent, as a immature karting star gained speed and certainty with each lap. “I’ve been unequivocally vehement to expostulate on a lane as a Nissan Micra Cup driver. Getting behind a circle of a Micra one day before we spin 18 is a best birthday present we could ask for,” says Austin Riley. “Racing is where we belong. we strongly tell everybody to keep following their dreams, zero is impossible.”

“This is a really sparkling time for us as a family, as a team, and for a autism community. Austin is about to embark on a fun plea with a Nissan Micra Cup, though one that is required to serve favour his talent, that we staunchly believe, has no bounds,” Jason Riley added. “I’d like to unequivocally appreciate Metod and Marie of Azure Racing, Groupe Touchette Pirelli and all a sponsors, as good as a Micra Cup team, for assisting make this happen. It’s going to be an implausible season.”

More information and a finish list of drivers who will attend in what will be an well-developed deteriorate of a Nissan Micra Cup will be supposing soon. In a meantime, greatfully visit:

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